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If there is a label that we have been able to hang as a medal on VFC it has always been that of "realism". Since 2015, the Taiwanese company led by Mr. Vega, has opened a parallel line with Avalon replicas. This series did not focus so much on realism but on a new value also highly appreciated by players: performance.

This has been one of the main values of Avalon, and if VFC has continued working tirelessly in realism, they have done the same with the development of this series designed to offer the best playability to airsofters, topping it off with this new model, the Avalon Samurai Edge.


Handguard features:

  • 13” lightweight external barrel with CNC finish
  • New steel QRS QD muzzle 
  • Knight Armament (KAC) micro style folding front sight
  • Knight Armament (KAC) 600M micro style folding rear sight
  • Anchors for QD ring holders
  • M-LOK authorised logos
  • New lightened handguard design

The design of the handguard keeps a modern look, but with a lot of emphasis on lightness, hence the MLOK even at the top (a very unusual feature). It is very comfortable to shoulder, and shifts the weight towards the part of the replica that is closest to the body, making the weight much more manageable. 

Body features:

  • New lightened body design made of CNC aluminium alloy
  • Unique serial number
  • QRS AR stock type with increased battery space
  • Ambidextrous and oversized magazine release
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • M4 Flashing straight trigger
  • Resized trigger guard
  • QRS Conformal pistol grip with non-slip texture and grip adaptor

The body of this Samurai model not only follows a design with which to stand out from the rest of M4’s thanks to its new body mould (look at the details) but also seeks to lighten its weight to improve playability. Although for this purpose, the ambidextrous controls and the resized parts of the Crusader catalogue (highly appreciated among players) are precisely the key to making it so comfortable to play with him.


ECS Gearbox (Ver. 2.1):

  • 1. Quick spring change
  • 2. Metal spring rail with bearings
  • 3. M120 spring type
  • 4. 8mm Ultra High Speed spherical bearings
  • 5. Reinforced polymer piston with seven metal teeth
  • 6. CNC aluminium piston head without bearings
  • 7. Ventilated cylinder, lightweight, aluminium 
  • 8. Polymer cylinder head 
  • 9. Polymer nozzle
  • 10. Gen. II hop chamber (roulette system) in polymer
  • 11. Hop-up rubber and nub Maple Leaf Competitive Grade
  • 12. Maple Leaf Competitive Grade 380 mm precision internal barrel

13. Digital Firing Control System:

  • 3bbs burst mode programmable
  • 3 selectable settings: (safe, semi, auto/safe, semi, burst/safe, burst, auto)
  • Preloaded piston system
  • Spring release system
  • Automatic piston detection
  • Low voltage alarm

This new electronic trigger system developed by VFC allows us to select the three BBs burst mode in our fire selector with a simple beeping system, thus opting for three different fire selector configurations depending on our game style: safe, semi , auto/safe, semi, burst/safe, burst, auto. 

It has a preloaded piston system that will improve the accuracy in semi, and by changing the selector to auto we will be able to free the spring, thus extending the life of the assembly. In addition to having such interesting features as an audible indicator that warns when battery is running low and so we can change it before using it, something tricky with LiPo batteries.


The samurai were one of the most powerful warriors in history, and now VFC gives us a replica with which to gain the upper hand in our airsoft games. An M4 with a different design, lightened, and with more than interesting internal features. We have an Avalon model in our hands that frees itself from the corset of realism to simply focus on making the player happier.