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There are few models that resist being forgotten, and the 1911 is the perfect example, both in rifles or handguns. A model created in 1911 by John Browning and that has served in more than 20 wars all over the globe, and that is in service in over 20 countries, not just the USA. Imagine everything that has changed, adapting to the times, and airsoft replicas have travelled the same path (with less time being live) reproducing each of the variants and adapting to what the players asked for in every moment. How does it look like now? Look at this KP16 by KJ Works.


  • Size: 254 mm (L) x 36.9 mm (W) x 148 mm (H)
  • Weight: 985 g
  • Works with gas and CO2 propellants
  • Magazine capacity 26 rounds
  • Grip and compensator manufactured by CNC machining in aluminium alloy AL6061
  • Removable and selectional compensator for a barrel bushing (included)
  • Available in flat dark earth colour
  • Lower rail for flashlights, lasers or small grenade launchers
  • Three-dots Patridge style open sights 
  • Double safe: handle and slide
  • Metal grips of own design
  • Washer to secure a sling
  • Full metal 
  • Skeletal triggers and hammers
  • External barrel with centering for the inner barrel
  • TM-style roulette hop-up

The compensator really stands out in this model. This part, in firearms, tries to redirect part of the gases generated when firing to reduce both the recoil of the weapon and the lifting effect of the barrel. But, as you can imagine, this is merely and aesthetic feature in airsoft, that is why KJ Works has designed it as a substitute for the barrel bushing instead of as an attachment at the end of the outer barrel, something we checked when cocking it for the first time, since it goes back along with the slide.

In this case, having the compensator and the barrel bushing allows us to have practically two guns in one, so that we can choose which of the two looks we prefer depending on the game. In addition, both this piece and the rest of the model are compatible with the rest of the type 1911/HiCapa pistols by KJ, so we can mount the compensator on other guns that we can have at home.

And adding the original design of the slide to this accessory, with a hole in the upper part to lighten it and make the recoil feel more powerful. It is be available in flat dark earth colour (or at least for the moment).

The operation of this gun is business as usual, the disassembly too, we can graduate the roulette hop-up, in the style of the TM, disassembling the slide, but having set at zero, with 0.20 g BBs, green gas and in a room at 23 ºC it recorded a velocity of 314 FPS on average, with gas for just over two magazines. 

It is not always necessary to fill a pistol with accessories so that it looks different and it stands out from others on the market, and even less so when we have a model with as much character as the 1911 in the hands of an airsoft manufacturer of the standing of KJ Works. And that is something that we love.