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Thor is the god of thunder in Norse mythology, but he needs no introduction after Chris Hemsworth’s role in Avengers (yes, he also featured as the team leader of the Special Forces of "12 Strong"). And like his hammer, this APS grenade launcher has arrived to punch some power into to the players' airsenal.

Thor Power Up Grenade LAuncher

At 436 g, this grenade launcher is very light thanks to its reinforced polymer body and a compact design, making it very comfortable to wear. It has a 155 mm tube or barrel into which we can feed virtually any 40 mm grenade from the market.

It has two Picatinny rails, one of 16 cm at the top for a sight or a scope cam for example, and a lower one of 7cm in which we can attach a flashlight or a mini grenade launcher to make it even more lethal.

It has a side opening system that reminds us of the HK style in models such as the AG36 of the G36 or the M320 that we have seen in 416. The opening button is located inside the trigger guard, so we can operate it without even removing the finger from the trigger guard, which also allows us to activate it by accident.

The gun is gbb type so we can exchange it for any of this type in the market. Although we actually love the one that comes standard, in HK style, both for comfort in the grip and for aesthetics.

The cocking system is manual, every time we wish to fire we will have to lower the lever on the outer side to preload the trigger. We will also need to do so, both to be able to close the tube with a grenade loaded inside, as well as to be able to open it after having fired the grenade. Not the most agile system, but that works fine. And it makes it clear when the grenade launcher is ready to fire.

It carries an oversized trigger guard where, in addition to the tube release, we find a solid trigger with a safety pin, such as the one mounted on the shotguns, but that stands out less and that has been more uncomfortable to operate.

Attachment system

An interesting feature is that it comes with a quick detach belt loop, similar to the SI-SARS Advanced Retention System by Strike Industries. It consists of a base that we can attach to the belt or a molle system and an anchor that can be threaded to the Thor. 

Hell Fire Co2 Powered 

Grenade 198rds/162rds

The Hell Fire grenade is available in two versions of similar design:


+ Length: 125 mm

+ Diameter: 40 mm

+ Weight: 160 g / 200 g (empty/loaded)

+ Capacity: 198 BBs (11 BBs x 18 barrels)


+ Length: 113 mm

+ Diameter: 40 mm

+ Weight: 150 g / 185 g (empty/loaded)

+ Capacity: 162 BBs(9 BBs x 18 barrels)

The grenade bushing is made of CNC aluminium with high quality polishing and is threaded to the grenade like most grenades of this type. The novelty is that this APS design hides the CO2 charging valve, thus protecting this sensitive part from any damage. The fact that this grenade is prepared to be used specifically with CO2 is also a novelty, since most use gas, and with this we achieve greater power, greater effective distance and better performance in the face of temperature changes.

Both the grenade and the grenade head are made of reinforced polymer. The disassembly of this piece is simple, we just need an Allen key and so we can load the BBs more quickly without the need for a speed loader. You may use the type of BBs you prefer, there are those who load light BBs (0.12g) looking for greater dispersion, there are those who combine weights to find an intermediate point between dispersion range, and those who loads less BBs in each pipe to seek maximum reach. Depending on the field, the game and your style of play, you might be interested in one option or another.

The grenade is threaded to the bushing, like most grenades of this type, but the manufacturer has advised us not to overtighten the grenade to the housing. When you tighten it, press only until it is adjusted and then stop.

In short, it is an interesting option due to its lightness and configurability. The ability to rain more than 150 BBs with one shot is always something interesting in a CQB, or even in the open field to generate a cloud that causes your enemies to take cover. In short, within the grenade section in our closet, the Thor has unquestionably earned a spot.