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Panic surging through the streets, the survivor's hysteria is completely appeased when some figures emerge, determined to support them in front of the hordes of infected ... But, unfortunately, these masked men is the largest group of psychopaths and mentally ill people that anyone could find in this survival situation. We are talking about the Sick Monkeys Airsoft Squad. A group of veteran players from different parts of Spain characterised by being the prophets of chaos and blood wherever they go ... Would you like to meet them?

Seeing you we find it difficult to label you, do you consider yourself an airsoft team, a reenactment team, perhaps geardos, milsim, total geeks...?

Uffff ... SMAS is a totally freak team but it is true that it brings together almost all variants of airsoft. We have re-creators, milsimers and we all also have a geardo touch, so you could say it's the best of all worlds (or the worst, perhaps).
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Ok, we still do not know how to label you, but how did you get into this?

One of our members knows the organization staff of WRG (World Real Games: worldrealgames.com) which is the company that organizes the "Survival Zombie" and went to one of them to test the experience and assess it from the inside as acting staff.  

He saw it was something interesting and out of the ordinary and seeing that more acting staff would be needed, he suggested it to the rest of the team. The only thing that remained was to give to shape and polish this "new" team and, here we are! We are the SMAS.

The more you tell us the more we like it and the more questions that arise. What is a "Survival Zombie"?

It is a real game that, normally, takes place in a whole town (although there is one planned for a cruise ship as well). The main objective of the game is to survive, and for this you must interact with some key actors in certain areas (to be discovered) and different supercars and several tests.  And in this way obtain more relevant information (or perhaps not) that will help you to survive.  

You will find hordes of zombies, more or less friendly soldiers, different actors with whom you can interact ... well, anything you can think of!

And although we are one of the most visible parts of the event along with the actors and actresses and all those who can be "seen", I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of the WRG team in the part that cannot be "seen", since there would be no event without it.

All the work prior to the events to obtain the necessary authorisations and permits from the different municipalities (for example to be able to carry replica guns on public roads), access to locations and materials to use, security during the course of the event and all those things that are behind the scenes but that allow it to develop smoothly and with guarantees. 

As of today, how many have you "tricked" into being part of SMAS?

Currently we are nine members, but it is usually difficult for us all to get together due to the different professional obligations (and our wives who are reluctant to our geek hobbies). The roles are not very necessary since it is a “different” event and since we named a navigator we always get lost, so it is almost better to do with out.

And after trying this going back to a normal airsoft event won’t be the same. Here the intensity of these events implies greater seriousness, focus... Or do you get carried away by people?

Well, it is true that it requires a great deal of concentration. As a rule, there is a significant amount of people (almost 3,000 people in the Getafe edition) and you have to be focused on what you are doing, it is very shocking to find yourself involved in that whirlwind that takes place in the different scenes of the event.

It must also be interesting from the other side, are there people who really get into the zombie role and live it just as intensely?

The truth is that the level of immersion and suggestion at some moments is very high. It is true that there are some that would fit right in an episode of The Walking Dead.

Ok, I think we can finally ask you about them, as we have been looking at the masks all this time, they are very impressive!!

One of the most easily recognizable features of SMAS is the masks. It was thought that it would be better for the team to avoid customising them to a specific member, as a commander or command. So, to this end, we reached the idea of masks, a complement that customises while at the same time distinguishes the aesthetics of the team and provides that special and differentiating look. So now we are "the monkeys" and not the "men of ..."

At first we used some derivatives of the COD saga but we soon realised that we had to distance ourselves with those looks. So looking around we found some masks more in line with what we were looking for, even if it was in Bulgaria! So we went from the previous one made of fabric to the current fiberglass ones, which are much more custom but also as hard to wear.

Every "Survival" entails preparation, right? How is it similar or different from a conventional airsoft game?

And you are not wrong. We try to gather as much information from the location of the event as possible (points of interest, accesses, that kind of thing).

Regarding uniformity, we do agree on how we will assist but the most challenging part is the weather. Since we are on the street for several hours, we use the necessary garments for the different types of weather conditions and, on average, we walk around 22-25 kilometers per event.

This is where the milsimer and geardo side comes into plays, in terms of the use of appropriate military equipment such as boots, soft shells, waterproof garments and other typical things that are heavily tested. Indeed, they are physically challenging events although it may not seem so at first.

In such an event, the funniest or most interesting anecdotes could surely be featured in a Walking Dead scene, right?

Sometimes things do happen, yes... Panic attacks and nervous laughter.  There is an imaginary currency for the game and on one occasion they tried to give us real money. Friends, couples and groups that break away at the first signs of danger such a cry in the distance... “See you later, honey”. But ultimately, what happens in a survival stays in a survival (unless you record it!).

As experts in the matter... machete or pistol (to face a  hordes of zombies)?

Taking into account the price of the ammunition and that the machete does not get jammed ... the best? Keep the distance!!

We know that you are experts in survival and supreme evil, any advice for our readers?

Of course, always pace your energy.  We constantly see people run like headless chickens and many others who, after a few minutes, run out of breath, run, yes but always with a purpose! And as our slogan says "We are here to help" ...