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If we look back, we discover that the genealogical line of this pistol covers the most recent history of both the Czech arms manufacturer, Česká Zbrojovka, and that of KJ Works. Indeed, its catalogue offers replicas of the CZ 75, SP -01, ACCU, Shadow 2, P09 and finally now also the P09 OR, a custom version of the "Guardian Angel".

01 Licenses

It should be noted that this model is a replica of a real pistol and that thanks to ASG licenses, we can enjoy spectacular precision in its reproduction and original markings. An added value that will surely be appreciated by target shooters among whom the real model is popular and the airsofters who like this model.

02 Slide

In this version of the P-09 the lightweight slide stands out, made of aluminium, with a hole on each side and a third on the back, through which you can see the golden external barrel. Although this detail may seem a bit "bling-bling" it is a detail for which the real manufacturer of SAI guns has become so popular, it was a strategy to quickly differentiate their products and, to this day, it has become usual in many other brands as a differentiating item in their pistols. Going all black is a thing of the past.

03 RMR

Another of the novel features in this “custom” model is the platform for mounting Trijicon-style RMR sights or other models that keep the measurements between screws of the popular Trijicon. Although this new element replaces the classic rear sight with a higher one, integrated in the platform, which aligns with the also resized front sight, allowing us to use the 3-point aiming system even with the RMR sight mounted.

04 Pistol Grip

The grip has a horizontal pattern on the front edge of the grip and the trigger guard, which combined with the gritty design on the sides (included at the top for the thumb of the supporting hand) provides a secure grip.

In addition, on the back of the pistol grip there is a panel that is interchangeable to adapt the size of the grip to the hand of the shooter, although the model we have received did not include additional grips panel.

05 Trigger guard

The oversized design of the trigger guard allows us to quickly and intuitively access the trigger even when wearing thick gloves. However, in the real model the safety can be disassembled to uncock the gun (like that of the P226) and in the airsoft replica, however, the automatic safety that guarantees the passive security of the replica gun. The good thing is that it is ambidextrous and it is classically handled downwards, unlocked, and upwards, locked.

06 Gas and CO2 magazines

Like most KJ Works designed pistols, their internal parts are designed to be used with both gas and CO2 magazines. Both magazines are available on the market with a capacity of 24 BBs.

07 Gas and CO2 consumption

One of the virtues of this pistol is that despite its lightweight metal slide and the RMR base it incorporates, it is still much lighter than other models with a metal slide, the amount of gas it needs to move the set is less, making the magazine consumption more efficient.

08 Hop-up

The hop-up, unlike other models that use the Tokyo Marui system, is regulated by a screw on the bottom. This forces the entire pistol to be disassembled for adjustment purposes. Although once adjusted this system will prevent the hop from going out of adjustment, hence why it is considered more stable. This system exerts a uniform pressure by means of a circular ring, making an exact pressure in the centre of the BBs when exiting through the barrel and allowing a straighter flight, while traditional systems, in addition to being more easily misadjusted, can (not always) apply a little pressure to one side of the ball making the flight not so straight. Visually it is very well explained by the Taiwanese of AST in a video on their YouTube channel

09 Guide

The recovery spring guide is metallic and we think the spring itself to be stiff enough to offer a quick shot and a powerful kick, especially with CO2 where this gun shows its greatest potential.


In conclusion, we believe that it is a pistol that requires a certain time to get used to, since, as the slide is located lower than normal compared to other pistol styles, it can be strange to manipulate the slide. After that phase, we are facing one of the most efficient pistols designed by KJ Works in terms of quality of materials and in operation, with original markings and prepared to be used in cold temperatures, if you are looking for a pistol that inspires safety, the KJ WORKS CZ P-09 model should be one of your options on the list.