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SHOOTER AR is born from the combination of airsoft with augmented reality. Bringing both platforms together in a new world that still has a lot to be explored. Shooter AR allows the user to feel a shotgun in their hands with the gameplay of a video game. No special locations to play are needed, as you can turn your own house into an alien base that you must heroically storm or a Taliban town where you have to perform a secret raid. A new way of entertainment that offers many options and possibilities yet to be travelled...


Shooter AR is based on augmented reality technology through a mobile application available for Android and iOS. This technology allows you to create 3D enemies that interact with you in a real space, basically shooting you and trying to "kill you" in three-dimensional space through the screen of your mobile phone. The environment of the game being the place where you are physically. That is, you could fill your own home with fierce Taliban warriors and free your family room by room from these intruders.

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How can I play SHOOTER AR?

You will need the Shooter AR pack to get the maximum performance experience, it includes:

FABARM shotgun ST12 model

(Available in several colours)

Spring shotgun, cocked from the handguards (1).  

It incorporates 3 inner barrels that fire, in case you want to use it to play airsoft (not for augmented reality), 3 BBs of 6mm (2)

They have a fixed hop-up, with a range of about 30 to 40 effective meters with its 300 fps on average, with a length of 810 mm and almost 2 kilograms of weight (3). 

The stock is foldable; in case you want to use it in its shortest shape (4)

It includes folding sights (5)

In case you want to use it to play airsoft with shotgun cartridges from other brands such as Bo Manufacture, Secutor, Cyma, Double Eagle etc. (6)

It incorporates the markings of the real shotgun as it is a replica licensed by the weapons manufacturer (7)


It is a real arms manufacturer that shared its design rights to make airsoft shotguns, specifically its STF12 models. These models built up a reputation in airsoft as they were used in training by one of the currently most popular European shooting instructors, Mr. Biccelli, better known as Instructor Zero.

Phone base

It is basically an accessory that you can incorporate into the upper RIS (1) and through the adjustments it incorporates, adapt your smartphone (2) to the top of the shotgun with full security. This accessory can be very useful in addition to being used in other replicas.


Basically this piece with the shape of a shotgun cartridge is a system to connect the trigger with the mobile application via Bluetooth, and reflecting the action on the mobile phone each time you fire the shotgun increasing the immersive feeling of the game.

Types of enemies?

The application includes six types of enemies (SWAT, Military, Taliban, Zombie and Terrorist) with variations between them. From the platform they tell us that they are developing new possibilities and that they will be incorporated into the application, as usual some of these options are free and others you need to pay for.


The previous step to play is to determine the position of the enemies, their size, type of enemy, etc. This is usually done by the same person who plays, so this point can make the game less exciting (basically because you will know where the objectives are going to be). It would be interesting for someone else to create the scenarios or for us to create different scenarios and not remember the enemy’s position.

Regarding the gameplay, you need to bear in mind that it is a free app, and as such it has its limitations in terms of functionality and possibilities. It is a new field that still needs to be explored a lot more. It is likely that Shooter AR and its application will gradually improve. Shooter AR is an interesting product that offers many possibilities, on the one hand a large spring shotgun to play airsoft, on the other the accessories and the possibility of being able to play augmented reality during the week at home. Bringing two worlds together always gives players many more possibilities that are not only limited to weekends