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How many vest options did you have when you started playing? Surely not as many as now (unless you started playing last week) and that's thanks to brands like 8Fields that offer a wide range of products and configuration possibilities for your gear. Now the brand takes us by surprise with its PREMIUM range, that boasts a truly amazing quality.

If you had to describe in a single word what you like most about 8Fields you would say: its options.



1-BUCKLE UP system

The plate carrier is equipped with the already extended BUCKLE UP system with which you can attach different front panels with different configurations. Also, as we will mention later, you can attach different chest rigs, a super-efficient feature.

2-Cordura 500D

This vest is made of high quality cordura, which feels great to the touch. In addition, it is waterproof, which means that in the event of rain the vest will not absorb water.

3-Cummerbund Molle

One of the things we as airsofters like most is to fully gear up with things, and thanks to these cummerbunds you will be able to do so, since they have three lines of molle to be able to connect all the pouches that you want. This makes the carrying capacity much higher than others.

4-Velcro adjustment

Something that I really liked is that the shoulder straps can be adjusted by velcro. So in this way the vest adapts to all kinds of contours and gives a better fitting to the vest.



5-Cordura 500D

This chest rig also belongs to the PREMIUM range, so it is made of original Cordura 500D and, like the plate carrier, it has a hydrophobic treatment to repel water in the event of rain. Thanks to Cordura you will have a very reliable chest rig in terms of quality and durability.

6-H straps

The H-shape design of the back instead of the classic in “X” with which you are going to distribute the load of the chest rig between the shoulders and the back, so it feels much firmer and tighter to the body to avoid misalignment.


Something that I really liked was the versatility of the pockets for the magazines of our primary replica gun, since - unlike many models of this type on the market- it allows us to use both M4 and AK magazines, making the chest rig suit each player.

8-Admin Pouches

In these two pockets you can store tools to make a quick fix in your replica, CO2 tanks in case of using grenades or pistol magazines and even basic things such as a replacement for contact lenses if you need them.

9-Pistol magazines

Despite being a chest rig, they have taken into account the fact that we all like to carry two pistol magazines in addition to the one already in the gun. So in the front between the two admins you can carry two pistol magazines without having to put them on the first line.



3 In 1
This back panel as two outside zippered pockets and an internal pocket to place your hydration bag. Remember that to use these pockets you will need a team mate to access them, so do not place essential combat items inside.

In the upper pocket1 , from my own experience, I would recommend you put some spare glasses, in my case I always take the opportunity to place some transparent ones, so I can use them in Milsim when night falls and I have not been able to return to the base.

In the lower pocket2, in case of using grenades, for example Thunder, you can use it to store two spare cases. You can also use it to carry extra batteries, etc.

Maximum safety

This rear panel can be attached to the vest thanks to the four molle strips with a clip that is incorporated. In addition, it is clear that it is designed for this vest since the molle strips match perfectly with those on the back of the vest.



Comfort and functionality

Carrying the radio in the cummerbund allows us to save space, carrying it attached to the body so that it is not turned on and does not bother at all.

Dual purpose

It has elastic loops on the sides to carry a marker or a chemical light bar.

What kind of radio?

The space of the pouch is for a PRC-152 type or a PRC-148 type radio, although a smaller radio can also be stored thanks to the top clip to prevent the radio from coming out from the top.



Extra load

With this pouch you gain extra cargo space, thanks to its internal elastic loops you can carry well-secured grenades in addition to any other type of consumables.

Quality details

Although it fully opens with a double zipper to be able to access the content more comfortably, has a rope that regulates the opening preventing us from dropping all the content. Both walls have double loops.


In this issue of the magazine you already have an article on how to mount an IFAK, so this pouch fits like a glove since it has been designed so that you can mount it as an IKAF to carry it attached to the plate carrier. Thanks to the elastic straps on the inside, you will be able to securely fix each of the items that make it up.


In my 10 years as a player I have been able to test a lot of gear, from different brands, prices and qualities, from the legendary CIRAS by Swiss Arms to a NJPC by SEMAPO and one thing has become clear to me, we can not can judge a book by its cover or title.

Without a doubt this PREMIUM line from 8FIELDS is a very positive surprise. The thing is that from the
moment I took out the plate carrier and the chest rig from the bag, I could see a higher quality than what we were used to, I would dare to say very similar to two of the best-known airsoft gear brands for the average player. The main difference? The price of 8FIELDS is much cheaper while offering a quality as good as any of its competitors. Without a doubt, a great step for this already legendary brand of airsoft gear.