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What to do when there is no airsoft?

The batteries get discharged, the uniforms become too small and dust accumulates in the "airsoft" area of your home. Luckily our hobby is not only limited to weekends, there is a very active community of players during the week on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube who offer content to the community and make this time fun and bearable without airsoft.

A hobby is not only about playing or practising it, it is a community, it is a new world and our escape hatch from reality where to have fun and unwind, that is what airsoft seven days a week looks like.

EmersonGear FAST Helmet

Viper Tactical Zipped Hoodie

Viper Tactical Lazer Special Ops Plate Carrier

Viper Tactical VX Lazer Mag/Admin Pouch

Viper Tactical Camo PCS 95 Trousers

Viper Tactical Elite Gloves

Wiley X XL-1 Advanced 

KJW M4 Carbine Ver. 3

Z-Tactical Comtac IV

Aim-O T1

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