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EmersonGear is serious about gearing us up for events with the most modern material in its Blue Label and Classic lines. A wide array of possibilities in which the hardest thing will be to be able to decide what not to keep.
Were you looking to treat yourself? Well, maybe it is time to go shopping.

The choice is wide and, in fact, you can not go wrong as they offer top of the range quality and a modern design The hard part will be to buy just one...

EM7407 FCS Style 


This FCS plate carrier carries "platebags" as standard, but we liked that instead of carrying plastic dummy plates imitating the SAPI Plate Set these are made of foam, which are much more comfortable, being softer and slightly lighter.

In order to understand the FCS configuration, we are going to divide it into its three main elements and explain each one of them. The main element of this EmersonGear plate carrier is its complete MK3 chest rig except for the structure of the straps that would be used to carry it as such.

The set up that they suggest would include:

1 - The main box of the MK3 chest rig which is divided into two pockets, one main and one secondary.

2 - Three sets of inserts: for three AK, three AR15 and two DMR magazines.

3 - An individual cover to be able to create an admin pocket in the secondary pocket.

4 - A dangler type pouch.

The front plate (A) consists of a female Velcro panel in which we can glue both the ends of the cummerbund and the clippable panels thanks to the female clips that we have on the upper part of the plate. Among these clips there is a laser cut female Velcro panel to be able to put patches or pouches. On the back plate (B) there is a Velcro panel on the upper part with laser cut molle and a Velcro panel on the lower part to be able to attach the cummerbund.

The cummerbunds that close the plate carrier are two elastic bands which are connect at the front and back end. This makes the closure more comfortable as it reduces the width of the band, which thanks to its elastic nature will give you fewer problems when trying to fit the clothes you carry under the plate carriers

They also incorporate pouches to be able to carry from magazines to the radio equipment. It should be noted that since they are elastic, it will be easier for us to put them in or take them out when reloading.

EMB7405 Emersongear

Quick Release 094K style Plate Carrier

This plate carrier is similar to London Bridge Trading's 6094K but with a much more renewed look. The use of plates is optional, as always, but adding some EVA rubber dummies (which can even be homemade) to give the vest more consistency and so it does not deform due to the weight that we load in the pouches will provide us with a much more careful and realistic aesthetic look.

This closure system is much more interesting for the professional world than for airsoft, since it would allow the plate carrier to be removed from an injured operator very easily and much faster, although in airsoft we will save a lot of time when it comes to putting on and adjusting the vest.

The plate carrier has a triple magazine pocket with a flap (1) where we can put two AR15 magazines per pouch without problems.

As a tip, I recommend that you leave one of them open to be able to quickly access the magazines in case you need to do quick reloads. In the cummerbunds we can also place our radio gear (2), either PRC or amateur type and thanks to the molle system (3) that it incorporates on the outside we can attach molle pouches to complete our optimal configuration.

The most interesting point of this new plate carrier is the quick release buckle system with which it is equipped. The main characteristic of this system is that by simply pulling the latch handles, the plate carrier can be dismantled very easily.

Reassembling it will not be complicated either since we will only have to fit the polymer tabs of each closure to have it fully assembled. This new system on the Emerson 094K is found both on the cummerbund and on the shoulder straps.


You do not have to be a reenactor to to go out and play with a kit inspired by that of special units like DEVGRU, the FBI... or by one of your favourite Yankees on social networks, be it Lukas Botkin, Forward Observations Group... Indeed, when you see yourself well equipped, the warrior in you awakens and that day you are capable of anything. That is why EmersonGear manages to bring out the best from us as airsofters. Because if you find yourself "more cool", you play better.