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Amoeba Mutant Series

If there is one thing that real arms manufacturers and the armed forces of different countries have made clear, it is that the compatibility and modularity of the models is a big part of the key to their success (or not). That is why this new Mutantes series by Amoeba is interesting and spectacular, as it allows you to go from a perfect short replica for CQB to a more specific long one for other games in a matter of a few minutes.

All in addition to having a very wide catalogue with compatible accessories. Because as the great Garand Thumb (unrecognized son of Travis Haley) says “make sure your rifles are cool, make sure you are cool, otherwise none of this makes sense”.

Common features

We present the Amoeba Mutant 004 (a.k.a. AM-M-004) or the long version of the family. And we talk about family because the Mutant series shares many characteristics such as:

They are made of nylon fibre, aluminium and metal
New quick-change handguard and barrel assembly design
The handguards are produced in CNC aluminium
They have a complete upper Picatinny rail
The handguards hide folding sights inside the upper rail
They have a straight trigger
They bring the new Amoeba mid-cap magazine (140 bbs)
The receiver is resized to facilitate reloading
Different lengths of handguards and barrels are available
Available in black or dark earth

AEG replicas
They carry the EFCS programmable reinforced gearbox
The gearbox is made of die-cast zinc alloy
They have a quick spring change
The fire mode (Full Auto / Semi Auto / Safe) can be customized with the programmer
High torque flat motor
Adjustable hop-up

The differences within the family are clear, which we will detail now, but basically they are the length of the handguard and the set of the barrel, the muzzle and the stock. And the best thing is that everything is compatible with each other, so it enables countless customization possibilities.

Length: 520-615 mm
Weight: 2120 g
Stock: AM-ES-01
Hand guard: AM-M-HG-001
Muzzle: AM-M-FH-002

Length: 680-750 mm
Weight: 2440 g
Stock: AM-ABS009
Hand guard: AM-M-HG-004
Muzzle: AM-M-FH-001

Length: 565-660 mm
Weight: 2360 g
Stock: AM-ABS005
Hand guard: AM-M-HG-003
Muzzle: AM-M-FH-003

Length: 820-900 mm
Weight: 2620 g
Stock: AM-ABS009
Hand guard: AM-M-HG-005
Muzzle: AM-M-FH-004

Quick-change handguard
and barrel system

In these models, changing the handguard and the barrel assembly (external barrel, internal barrel and hop-up chamber) is something really simple and we can adjust the length easily from a perfect CQB model to another more marksman oriented.

To do so, simply follow the following steps:

Manually remove the pin (no need to remove it all the way)
Remove the handguard
Fit the new handguard
Manually re-enter the pin

Barrel assembly
Loosen the two screws that hold the assembly (you will not have to remove them completely)
Take out the barrel assembly (it comes out with the hop chamber and the whole set)
You place the new barrel assembly
You secure it with the two screws


The internals of these replicas have a programmable EFCS (2)  reinforced V2 gearbox (1) made of cast zinc alloy, with six bushings (they used to mount two bearings for the motor shaft and bushings for the rest). It has a quick spring change (3) to access both the spring guide (4) with a metal base and plastic tube and the spring (5) type M100 that seems to have been cut, perhaps to adjust the compression.

The piston (6) is made of polymer with complete aluminium teeth, the cylinder (7) is sealed and is made of polished aluminium of an unusual red colour. Both the cylinder head (8) and the nozzle (9) are made of polymer. The gears (10) are made of steel and have no markings, typical of Amoeba replicas. It has a high torque flat motor and wiring ends in a TDean type connector. The design of the hop-up chamber reminds us of the Stoner but in a much smaller size.


What we like the most about this series of replicas is how Amoeba is perfecting its work to offer a set of modular replicas and, most importantly, a whole catalogue of accessories so that you can create, effectively and within the same catalogue, a customised and unique replica, with a wide variety of resources at your disposal. If you thought that the M4 was already a very customizable platform, Amoeba takes this concept to new heights.