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Frontier Jacket

Who has not felt cold in a Milsim or even during a normal game? Although it may seem obvious, the layers of clothing, their order, function and use is a very useful and valuable tool to avoid making mistakes as basic as wearing too many clothes and sweating too much or, on the contrary, wearing too little and ending up half frozen in the midsts of battle.

That is why Frontier, the new Viper Tactical light jacket was born. It features a Viperlite lining that we can carry in a stored case without taking up much space.

Viper Tactical
Frontier Jacket

Hood adjustment
Custom ergonomic pulls
SBS zippers with zipper pull and chin protection
Hand warmer pockets with inner lining
Velcro with engraved logo
Hood, wrists and elastic waist - Water repellent
100% polyester
Inside zip pocket
Exterior zip pocket
Light (500 gr)

This type of jackets are a great solution to keep us warm and a very light option to be able to carry inside a well-packed backpack thanks to the storage case that the jacket itself has.

This garment is made of polyester. The “quilted” design emulates that of the feathers that makes the inner filling well distributed throughout the garment.

A nice touch of this jacket are the elastic bands that we find both in the wrist and waist area, these will help to make the garment fit much better to our body at the ends and thus avoid heat loss.

The Viperlite lining makes the garment much lighter, breathable and thermal to be used in low temperatures. The jacket features two zippered side pockets, a zippered chest pocket and an internal zippered chest pocket for storing your valuables. This jacket is available in three colours to choose from, TAN-BLACK-VCAM.

What is VCAM?

It is a camouflage pattern developed by Viper Tactical that will undoubtedly remind us of the MultiCam, since it is based on it like the Multi-Terrain Pattern of the English army, the Camogrom of the Polish, or many others. In general terms, it is a pattern which makes this kit just very effective in arid environments such as forests, reducing the amount of camouflage we have to buy and letting us focus on getting more pieces with which to customize our equipment.


With the Frontier jacket, Viper Tactical has aimed to bridge the border that we always find between the civilian and the military world to be perfectly warm whether walking through our cities or in combat, this is Frontier.