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It has happened to us all. When we have to get our gun out during a game it means things are turning ugly. The chances of coming out “alive” are reduced to instinctively following these tips and, especially, to how fast you are. That is why you can not make any mistakes. We’ve learned from ours and these are our recommendations so that you do not end up in the respawn.

do you have one in the chamber?

The combatant always has his sidearm cocked and with a bullet in the chamber. If he has to draw his weapon then things are bad and it’s a “you or him” situation, don’t waste time cocking. After loading, open the slide slightly and make sure that the bullet is inside the barrel. You would not be the first person to misfire because the magazine spring is stuck and the bullets are not being fed.

2.Two is fine,
but three is better.

And four better still. The moment you pull the gun out it means things are bad. So you can not gamble everything on a single shot. There are many things that can go wrong, starting with your heartbeat. Fire, fire some more, then fire again. It is more likely that the fight will end before you empty your magazine, so you want your bullets to come out winning.

Help statistics! If you think this is not true, go on YouTube to see how the new techniques advise not to save any shots, the point is to stay alive ;-)

3.Count them properly
and save two.

When playing with a handgun, as with the rest of your replicas, you must first of all know what you have in your hands. It is very important to know the capacity of your magazines so that you know when you have to reload, do not wait for the slide to lock. If you manage to keep score, you can reload when it suits you best and not when there is no other option. So keep track of the bullets you fire, and if you want to do it right, always count two less because you never know when you will need the last two shots.

4.Be aggressive.

Keep moving. Yes, you read that right. If you can, shoot and move simultaneously but without losing sight of the target. Firstly, by moving you prevent your opponent from getting a target and you make it more difficult for him to hit you. And secondly, keep shooting and do not lose sight of your target. If you gain position you are more likely to win the fight. Remember that the average airsoft player is slow and remains still. Make that an advantage for you.

5.Aim at the knees to hit
the chest.

Although people are shot in the head in films, the truth is that the operators point to the chest since it is a bigger target and is more difficult to miss. We must apply the same logic and point to the knees, as GBB, blowback, hop-up or mere stress can make us shoot higher than intended. That way we always hit the body (the biggest target) and avoid those hateful shots to the face. As well as winning the game you will be a good playing partner; no one likes to get hit in the face.

+1 Aiming? *

It may be controversial, really, but aiming with a handgun is for those who like to visit the respawn often. If you have to enter a room, turn a corner or cross an entrance, do not be the victim, be the hunter and go in firing. For safety reasons always aim down to avoid head shots, but shoot away. Because, remember this phrase, "better to run out of bullets than be eliminated".

*This tip may go against the rules in some fields of play, so before you use it (and this is something you should always do first: check the rules.