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Beautiful, light and compact. This is how we would summarize in just three words our thoughts on this new ICS model. It is a known fact that the Taiwanese brand caters for every last aesthetic detail in all their product ranges, but in this particular case they have also managed to reduce the weight through the use of high-strength polymers, which also reduces the price for the product considerably and they have created a model under 70 cm so turning corners and moving through closed spaces will be child’s play. Wanna CQB?

Our highlights

Ergo-Tech pistol grip with anti-slip texture
Functional spring release
Straight competition trigger
MTR stock
Dagger (6-inch) M-Lok polymer handguard
Non-slip textured areas
Folding and removable CFS sights
Hi-cap magazine (300 bbs) T-MAG with tactical port
Length: 600-695 mm
Weight: 2078 g


The model incorporates the folding CFS sights (in addition to being removable in case we prefer to attach others to the Picatinny rail or replace them with any type of sight), made of polymer so as not to hamper the lightness of the model and that we can continue to use even when folded thanks to its double design.


This new handguard design stands out both thanks to its small size, just 6 inches (15 cm), and for its lightness as it is made of nylon fibre, which has also allowed the Taiwanese guys from ICS to add a textured non-slip area to improve the grip of the replica.

T-MAG magazine

Although personally we are not very supportive of HiCap magazines, we understand that, this way, new players don’t have to spend more money on magazines. And we must admit that both the operation and the design of these T-MAG magazine are very good. We will see the level of the amount bbs through the port when it goes down from a certain number of its 300 bbs capacity and, on top of it, its grooved texture will improve the grip when making quick reloads.

Internal Parts

To protect the electrical system of the replica ICS has installed a mosfet on these models. With this measure they seek to reduce the electrical resistance and allow the replica to work at a more effective temperature, which in the long run translates into increasing the useful life of the internals regardless of how much we use this model.

This replica comes with a Modular version 2 gearbox (1), something that we love to find in the ICS M4s so it simplifies its maintenance or opening. In any case, they have mounted a quick spring change system (2), with which we can easily access the spring guide (with metal base and polymer tube) and the type M100 spring (3). The piston (4) and the piston head (5) are also made of polymer, but they achieve a good sealing around the cylinder (6) that comes with a teardrop-shaped opening to regulate the amount of air that is propelled in each shot. The cylinder head (7), just like the nozzle (8), is also made of polymer. At the bottom we find 8 mm steel bushings (9) to rotate the classic gears (10) that ICS has.

The motor (11) it mounts is an EVO I of 25,000 revs with a long axis with which it provides 300 FPS, although this can vary to adapt to the legislation of each country. The hop-up chamber is made of polymer and the cross wheel style of the G36. The inner barrel measures 186 mm and it is not a precision barrel, but we do not need it in such a compact model. The electrical system is protected by a mosfet and a minifuse for which ICS adds a spare in the box.

ICS modular gearbox
Quick spring change
Bushings: 8 mm
Inner barrel length: 186 mm
300 FPS
Engine: EVO I 25000 (long shaft)
Connector: TDean
Fuse (+replacement fuse)


This replica does not show off new technology or need it to earn its place in the ICS catalogue. It is simply fine at all levels, with great finishes, an attractive design and the reliability in its internals that only ICS replicas have. We like that a top brand in the market launches quality products for people who are just starting out or who simply cannot invest more money. Simply put, this replica has all it needs, the rest depends on you.