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EmersonGear Backpacks
What is your mission?

The third line, when we talk about an operator’s equipment, is all the equipment that he has to carry to be able to carry out the deployment but that is dispensable in case of engaging in combat. In other words, what is commonly known as a backpack. But of course, you will carry different items depending on the mission and you may need a different type of backpack or another too. So here we have the Emerson catalogue to show you two different types of backpacks for two different types of missions, whether they are “tactical” missions or “daily” missions, because we also like to carry the best material in our day to day.

Urban & Sports Backpack 24L

This elegantly designed backpack comes in Multicam Black but actually belongs to Emerson’s Street series, their line of street wear for the airsoft “tribe” (yes, we are also a street gang). So its use is more geared towards daily use than for a game, although we can tell you that after having tried it we would take it anywhere because it is a very good option to carry our material.

-It is a high capacity backpack: 24 litres. 

-It mainly combines cordura and a kind of neoprene, which, although they do not make it waterproof, do offer some resistance to water and abrasion.

-The zippers are turned to give the impression of watertight zippers and in most cases they are protected by fabric flaps. So even without being really watertight, they do offer greater protection against the rain.

-The pullers of the zipper have been replaced by knotted cords, finished with a heat-sealing tube.

-The main space is accessible from the top and inside we find three extra pockets to arrange smaller objects.

-The cover of the pocket has a pocket whose interior is made of female soft Velcro, very pleasant to the touch and in which we can put inserts to arrange the content.

-It is braided with elastic cords on the front to be able to fasten a warm garment quickly or to wear the helmet (the tactical or the bike helmet).

-Under the braid there is one more zip pocket.

-At the bottom there is a pocket similar to the one in backpacks for hiking boots, but in this case, much smaller. If we do not fill it, its capacity is used by the main space thanks to its extensible fabric.

-It has three pockets on each side , one with vertical access with a zip and two more with elastic straps.

-It has elastic straps for greater comfort as it helps bouncing while we walk.

-The lower part of the shoulder straps is padded to avoid chafing.

-The straps are adjustable in length, with Velcro closure to fold what is extra.

-The straps have clips to get rid of the backpack in a slit second in case we need to.

-They have a horizontal tape to help us distribute the weight, but instead of staying at the waist or hips, it is higher in this design, being slightly uncomfortable.

-The back has a shaped padding to promote ventilation of the back when we have to carry it for long periods of time.

-It has a pocket on the back that can be accessed from the side in which we can load anything. The pocket has a panel that covers a Velcro that we can use to arrange the content with male Velcro inserts.

Commuter 14l
Tactical Action Backpack

This backpack belongs to the EmersonGear Classic series, which means: good quality material at a competitive price. Some of its features may remind us of the LBT 14L Day Pack, since it is a backpack that due to its capacity and distribution can serve us both for day to day purposes and for a game, and not only because it is available in two colours (many of you will choose the MultiCam -original! - for the street and the Ranger Green to play) but due to its versatility.

-It has a capacity of 14 litres, perfect to be a backpack where you can carry everything you need for a one-day mission (even if the mission is to go to class or go to work). It measures 44x26x12 cm and has a weight of only 610 g.

-The zippers throughout the backpack have a cord with a heat-sealed tube instead of a puller on the zipper, and –a purely aesthetic detail that we really like– is that they are sewn upside down, thus leaving the zipper teeth hidden from plain view.

-The main compartment has a zipper closure that opens only up to half a backpack, preventing us from dropping all the content when we access it.

-Inside the backpack there is a fabric with an elastic rubber closure and a handle to arrange the content and find smaller objects sooner or at least more easily.

-It has a small flat pocket on the front in the upper half, which on the outside has a molle laser cut plate with Velcro to add pouches on it or, most likely, a morale patch that gives us cool points. Underneath it has another slightly larger flat pocket with a molle laser cut finish (without Velcro, too many patches would make us look like F1 drivers).

-It has an elastic fabric pocket on each side with elastic cord closure, perfect for carrying a bottle of water, an umbrella, extra magazines... depending on the mission.

-The straps are padded and they do not have cordura on the inside but a softer fabric to avoid chafing.

-It has different loops, strips and D-Rings in which we can hang accessories such as: a PTT, an IR light, the AirPods case, a musket for the gloves, a Go-Pro...

-The chest closure will help us carry the backpack more comfortably and we can adjust it in height to perfectly adapt it to our physical complexion.

-The clips on the straps will help us to get rid of the backpack quickly in case of emergency (T-Rex attack counts as an emergency) and also the rest of the strap can be collected with the Velcro closure in "T" thus avoiding get hooked or disturb us.