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ICS Cxp Mars II

There was still room for improvement. It seems incredible that with the years that ICS has been manufacturing M4s of all sizes and colours even today, it continues to find a way to perfect them. Behold the MARS II of its CXP series of which we have already shown you several models in previous issues. An opportunity to test the Taiwanese manufacturer and see what level it is at right now. And if you manage to make it to the end...there are no spoilers! Come and find out for yourself.

Our Highlights

-Lightened Mlok Handguard
-Ambidextrous loading lever
-Ambidextrous controls
-Double ring holder
-Functional spring release
-Straight competition trigger
-Resized trigger guard
-Muzzle with Blaster muzzle cover
-CNC Receiver
-20º Vertical Pistol Grip
-MARS M-Lok handguard in aluminium alloy
-Folding and removable CFS sights
-Hi-cap magazine (300 bbs) T-MAG with tactical port


The MARS series bodies are manufactured though a CNC milling process that allows them to offer this very aggressive geometric design within the recognizable lines of an AR-15, that is, an M4. In the same way, the logo is not printed on the replica, but is engraved using a professional engraving system to ensure a longer duration. In addition, the controls for both the fire selector and the magazine release, as well as the loading lever, are ambidextrous, making it easier for left-handed players or those who swap hands to avoid certain situations.

Pistol Grip

We saw this Vertical Pistol Grip on the ICS MARS PDW9 and we liked it, in addition to its new compact design, due to its greater angle of inclination because it allows us to have the wrist in a much more natural position when shouldering the replica. Otherwise, its ergonomic design and non-slip finish make the grip much firmer even with wet gloves. And on a mechanical level, it includes a cover to quickly access the motor, which facilitates the maintenance of the model.


The MARS handguard has a lightweight design in which one section of the RIS is dispensed with at the top, which narrows the handguard and favours its grip. Unlike previous models of this series, this one comes with an MLOK system instead of Keymod to attach accessories. But the lightening of the replica is not achieved only with the design, since it is made of a high quality aluminium alloy to be more resistant and adapt to the needs that the player requires. In addition, it is CNC and has gone through an anodizing process to add extra durability. 


This tube stock uses an ICS design whereby the wiring does not go inside the tube but is located between the tube and the part that marks the different positions, gaining space for the battery and preventing problems. The wiring has a fuse and the battery is a T-Dean connection, something that many players already prefer to the classic Tamilla. By means of a pin (which is not removed completely so that we cannot lose it) we remove the rubber recoil pad to gain firmness when shouldering the replica and we access a large space to accommodate any type of battery.

Internal parts


-V2 modular gearbox  (split) Gen2 SSS.III
Electric Blow Back System (EBB)
-Quick spring change
-Steel spring guide 
-Polymer reinforced piston, with full metal zip 
-Metal hop-up chamber
-Gears made in MIM 
-Electronic trigger 

Internally, it has all the details of the Taiwanese factory. Starting with the V2 Gen2 (1) SSS.III (2) modular gearbox with electric blow back system (EBB) (3), in which we can also enjoy (almost redundantly) a quick spring change system (4), in order to access the steel spring guide (5) with bearings, and to the M100 spring type (6). It comes with a reinforced polymer piston (7), with a full metal zip and flap for blowback purposes. The piston head as well as the cylinder head (8) are metallic. It has a full cylinder (9) (without openings) to push a greater amount of air with each shot. The gears (10) are made of MIM (Metal Injection Moulding or Metal Injection Moulds) for greater durability. And finally, the model comes with an electronic trigger (11) with a preload function that reduces the firing cycle.


ICS CXP Series MARSs are always a good way to measure Taiwanese brand status, and after testing the MARS II we can assure you that they are at the highest level. Externally, they are launched on the market with a profile that moves away from realism to offer us a visually different design. And internally, they go all out with features such as the spring release, the electronic trigger, the preload function... all designed so that the replica not only works perfectly, but also makes the player's performance as high as possible. Our opinion: give it a try and you will see why we like ICS so much.