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“Through hardships to the stars” is the meaning of the Latin marking of these new Secutor replicas, the ASTRA family that at the time of its launch is made up of three models: Astra III, Astra IV and Astra XI.

The three models are called Shadow, since they play with a combination of very dark grey and black colours, which make a truly spectacular set that is worth seeing in person, since the printing quality in paper or though your computer screen (depending on where you read this) may not be able to accurately display the colour palette.

“Ad Astra Per Aspera”
Let’s go!

Dual tone

Shadow is the name that Secutor has given to this spectacular very dark grey colour both on the RIS M-LOK and on the stock tube itself, which also combines perfectly with the black colour of the body. This combination pleases both those who are looking for a black replica and those who know the trends in the real firearms market and know how valued the grey colour is, widely used by a long list of manufacturers such as Daniel Defense, King's Firearms, MGPL , Lead Star, Wilson Combat or Falkor. 


Astra III: Short model designed for CQB

Astra IV: A versatile 9” model

Astra XI: RECCE Rifle for those looking for the aesthetics of a DMR but on an M4 platform

Original or replica gun of the real model?

It does not completely replicate any real model, but we have been able to identify its parts in the firearms market. Thus, its handguard reminds us of the Geissele MK8, the upper receiver replicates the VIS FUSION of VLTOR in models IV and IX or the lower one the AXTS AX556 of Radian Weapons. Not to mention the many details of MGPL.


It is striking how well the magazine fits in the lower receiver, there are no gaps or movements (something that occurs in many replicas, even first level ones), with a capacity of 120 BBs and that replicates the MGPL magazine. And yes, any M4 magazine on the market is compatible, the replica mounts a V2 gearbox and everything is standard both in spare parts and in the use of magazines from other brands.

Adjustable Trigger

ASTRA mounts a straight trigger on the three models in the series, made of CNC steel, which allows the physical adjustment of the stroke by means of an external screw, reducing or extending it to better adapt to the sensitivity of the shooter. Remember at this point that the model also includes an electronic trigger that already offers amazing shooting speed. This style of triggers had already been seen in the prestigious Japanese brand Laylax (at prohibitive prices, by the way) so a great detail that includes this upgrade, without increasing the final price.

Internal parts

This series has a type 2 (1) gearbox version so that the necessary spare parts and upgrade/downgrade options are easily found in the market. 

It has a combination of  8 mm bearings (2) and bushing (3) that minimise friction in the rotation of the gears (4) and increase their durability. 

It has a quick spring change system (5) that allows us to access the metallic spring guide (6) with bearings to improve the torsion of the M100-type spring (7), without the need to open the entire gearbox. The piston (8) is made of reinforced polymer with full metallic teeth and a polymer piston head (9) with bearing to help in the rotation of the spring to the guide. The cylinder (10) is sealed to optimize the air load and, as a singularity, it is a single piece together with the cylinder head (11), which prevents possible air leaks. The nozzle (12) is made of CNC aluminium and comes with an O ring for a better seal. 

Regarding the trigger assembly, the programmable electronic trigger (13) stands out (to be able to choose different forms and combinations of triggers: safe, semi, burst, full auto...) with active brake to avoid problems with the High Torque motor that it mounts. 

The hop chamber is a transverse roulette, in the style of the G36, with an atypical note: it lacks a nub, something that they supply with a lever. This is not necessarily bad, in fact, it is explained by the use of a 60º Mapple Leaf hop-up rubber, since they try to recreate the closest thing to the effect of an R-Hop. Finally, note that all three models come with an internal pressure barrel (6.03 mm), although each with a length according to the model, thus offering us a fairly stable average of 330 FPS per shot with 0.20 g BBs. 


SECUTOR’s most successful model is undoubtedly its RAPAX line, as it combines top-class internals with unbeatable aesthetics. The combination is the same, here; the same internal parts of the Rapax (at a lower selling price, by the way) but on a much more versatile platform such as the M4, with impressive aesthetics and details, such as the adjustable trigger, that make these ASTRA go toe to toe with other top market big brands.

Pick up one of these models with your own hands, try it it if you have a chance, and you won’t need to know much more later.