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Barret Fieldcraft Sniper Rifle

There are two things every airsoft sniper looks at when choosing their next rifle: performance and aesthetics. As for the first, APS leaves us speechless with the Zero Trigger. And if we talk about aesthetics, thanks to EMG we can enjoy the licensed replica of the Barrett Fieldcraft in six different colour combinations, of which today we bring you two of the ones we liked the most. So if you are looking for a new tool that will take you to “one shot, one kill” city, pay attention because this article is for you!


The full range

This rifle model can be found with a black or silver barrel and in a combination of six different body colours that range from plain colours to our favourite camouflage patterns.


Original Barrett licenses and trademarks.
Original Barrett Fieldcraft colour.
Internal 41xx Steel Barrel (Cr-Mo).
VRS-10 compatibility.
Zero Trigger compatible with VSR-10 upgrades.
CNC spirals full metal bolt.
Adjustable hop-up.
Super light design.
Two position safety (Fire & Safe).
540 FPS (Worldwide version) with 0.20gr.

What is Barrett?

The Barrett Firearms Company, is a factory of arms and military supplies, founded in 1982 by Ronnie Barrett. The company's main product is the Barrett M82 sniper rifle. The M82 is a SARTS (Special Applications Rifle with Telescopic Scope) semi-automatic sniper rifle and is currently part of the equipment of many special units and armies around the world, including the US special forces.

It has a nylon body that makes the rifle weight of about 2,200 gr and is much lighter than other sniper rifles on the market.
Despite all this, the body is still quite resistant and has a very robust feeling to it. One of the main characteristics that make a sniper rifle stands out.

One of the main characteristics that we find in this model is the design of the bolt. It has been manufactured with spirals made by machining both to reduce weight and to achieve greater fluidity when the bolt is pushed back with each shot, achieving a much smoother cocking movement.

In this replica the left hand is not only the support hand, as with it we can adjust the hop-up using the external lever of the handguard, without needing to disassemble anything! Which allows us to correct the flight of our bbs and fire again in a matter of seconds. A good sniper should correct the hop-up during a match, and this surely makes it easier.

Internal parts

Although the Fieldcraft can be found in different configurations and powers to suit the regulations of each country, this sniper replica is prepared to provide 530-550 FPS with 0.20 g. BBs. That is why the best system for a sniper replica gun’s kind of power is the spring mechanism, since it does not suffer variations by temperature and allows us to always expect the same result when firing our rifle.

EMG has assembled a 6.03 mm precision barrel made of 41xx (Cr-Mo) steel through a unique machining process including a heat treatment with which it is possible to extend the useful life of the barrel and a better precision in the finish. Also thanks to the Cr-Mo alloy and the cantering devices that it carries, the barrel vibrates much less allowing us to achieve greater precision in the shot.

The use of the Zero Trigger system for the trigger allows us to be able to add upgrades much easier due to its compatibility with all VSR-10 type parts. The block is completely made of metal which makes it very strong and durable. It has a 90º piston clamping system and improves the problems that other triggers on the market have. 

We have dismantle even the cylinder to let you know that the piston of extraordinary quality, and even better, the inner piston is also made of fibre and has a metallic reinforcement. The spring rail is made of plastic but the point of contact with the trigger is made of metal to increase resistance.


In short, a highly customisable sniper rifle with which you can create the version that best fits your physiognomy and game mode. Although having a good replica is only the first step, since your patience, aim and know-how is what will enable you to become (or not) a great airsoft sniper. Even if such is the case, I guess you rather secure that first step, right?