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Emersongear Tactical Loadout

MultiCam pants, grey jacket, a hat so… what comes to mind? We picture an American special forces operator. If we went into recreation-type details, we could be more specific, but as there is room for all kinds of styles in airsoft, this is already good enough to go out to the field and do this photo session. If you like it too, here are all the details about this loadout.

EmersonGear Blue Label 
"Catching Wind" Tactical 
Windbreaker Jacket (EMB9575)

This windbreaker that we show you in grey is also available in coyote brown and is made entirely of nylon. It is a very light garment, weighing just half a kilo, and when well folded it will hardly take up any space if we carry it in the gear bag in case it rains or cools down.

Even so, the fabric of the garment is highly resistant so we do not have to be afraid of scratches or chafing with a normal use. And, in addition, it is resistant to wind and water, while it transpires body heat and absorbs moisture. All these features put together make it ideal for playing airsoft, use it in the mountains, or why not, for every day use.

The hood is oversized to be worn over the helmet without issues, which is also good for airsoft or any other sport, and it comes with a double rubber system with a loop to adjust it to our head. It has a small visor to protect us from the water, and it has a Velcro strap at the top it to be able to put a patch that maximizes our visibility.

Although the cut is loose enough to be very comfortable, we could even put a chest rig underneath. It has a Velcro closure on the sleeves and one with strap and a loop on the waist, in order to better seal the garment to our body and keep us warm. Or we can also open the zippers under the arms to be able to lose more heat or access what we wear underneath.

The design of the garment is ergonomic, shorter at the front and longer at the back, thus keeping our lower back covered even if we bend over. It has bellows pockets on the shoulders, with Velcro and a couple of “laser cut molle” style openings; and two cargo pockets on the chest made of mesh fabric, which will help us regulate our body temperature.

EmersonGear Blue Label 
G3 Pants (EM9319)

The G3 combat pants is based on the CP design. They are made of a RipStop fabric (50% nylon, 50% cotton) that prevents tears, although it has areas with more flexible fabric (91% nylon, 9% spandex) on the knees, in the crotch or on the backside that provide more comfort when you stretch, run or jump while wearing it, as it limits mobility much less than normal trousers.

The closure of the fly has an original YKK zipper, while the waist the garment is closed by Velcro. In addition, you can adjust it at the waist with another two Velcros as well, and so there is no much need for a belt. You can also adjust it to the knees and ankles, thanks to the Velcro closures, making everything stay in place and making the garment fit like a glove.

The design of the garment includes 12 pockets distributed symmetrically. The narrow knife pocket located on the load pocket stands out. Or the rubber inside it that will allow you to carry a bottle of water or a rifle magazine without it moving around in our pocket. I would also like to tell you about the pockets on the thigh, where the rubber bands that will allow you to adjust the height at which the kneepads will remain are located. And that the rear pockets, probably the ones that offer less loading space, are the only ones that are closed by a zipper.

Commuter 14L Tactical Action Backpack (EM9325)

This backpack belongs to the EmersonGear Classic series, which means: good quality material at a competitive price. Some of its features may remind us of the LBT 14L Day Pack, since it is a backpack that due to its capacity and distribution can serve us both for day to day purposes and for a game.

It has a capacity of 14 litres, perfect to be a backpack where you can carry everything you need for a one-day mission (even if the mission is to go to class or go to work). It measures 44x26x12 cm and has a weight of only 610 g.

The zippers throughout the backpack have a cord with a heat-sealed tube instead of a puller on the zipper, and –a purely aesthetic detail that we really like– is that they are sewn upside down, thus leaving the zipper teeth hidden from plain view.

The main compartment has a zipper closure that opens only up to half a backpack, preventing us from dropping all the content when we access it.  Inside the backpack there is a fabric with an elastic rubber closure and a handle to arrange the content and find smaller objects sooner or at least more easily.

It has a small flat pocket on the front in the upper half, which on the outside has a molle laser cut plate with Velcro to add pouches on it or, most likely, a morale patch that gives us cool points. Underneath it has another slightly larger flat pocket with a molle laser cut finish (without Velcro, too many patches would make us look like F1 drivers).  It has an elastic fabric pocket on each side with elastic cord closure, perfect for carrying a bottle of water, an umbrella, extra magazines... depending on the mission.

The straps are padded and they do not have cordura on the inside but a softer fabric to avoid chafing.  It has different loops, strips and D-Rings in which we can hang accessories such as: a PTT, an IR light, the AirPods case, a musket for the gloves, a Go-Pro.  The chest closure will help us carry the backpack more comfortably and we can adjust it in height to perfectly adapt it to our physical complexion.

The clips on the straps will help us to get rid of the backpack quickly in case of emergency (T-Rex attack counts as an emergency) and also the rest of the strap can be collected with the Velcro closure in "T" thus avoiding get hooked or disturb us.

D3CR Micro Chest Rig (EM9557)

With a minimalist and symmetrical design, a layout that reminds us of one of the best-known shooting instructors, although with certain very marked differences.

There is a debate among shooters about whether the option of 3 magazines offered by some plate carriers is better than that of 4 magazines like some chest rig offer. Everything revolves around the space lost with the extra magazine or the convenience of carrying one more magazine.

In this case EmersonGear opts for the three magazines so as not to lose the number of magazines and a pouch on each side of the front admin pouch to carry pistol magazines. In addition, the central pocket for magazines has the same Velcro system to be able to attach inserts and configure it to our needs.

The fastening system of this chest rig consists of two straps and a belt that goes around the waist from the bottom. The straps are coupled with two female clips on the top, and two male clips on the sides. This will allow us to carry it as chest rig or mount it on a plate carrier. Having the same configuration but in a lighter or more complete version, everything to our liking.

These straps cross are “X”  shaped so the strap will come out of the corresponding shoulder and cross the back to hook on the opposite side, creating an "X". It provides full fastening support, with the straps staying tight.