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Plate Carrier Configuration

Let’s face it, every airsofter enjoys playing as much as preparing for the game. After all, when you buy a plate carrier, you’re not buying just any plate carrier; you’re buying a base that can be set up in as many different ways you can think of. And that, is precisely what we bring you today: different plate carrier configurations that offer the best performance in different situations. Which one do you prefer?

Till death do you part

Playing with a plate carrier is not as comfortable as playing with a chest rig, but it does have its advantages: its load capacity and its protection from the ballistic plates. That being said, there are models like this one that offer greater comfort than the rest, thanks to the padded harness that minimizes undesirable chafing and helps distribute the weight of the load. 

Fully loaded

Plate carriers are equipment-carrying vests; therefore, we can make the most of their surface area by covering them with pouches or panels in which to carry all the necessary gear to endure a 24 or 48-hour game. Or also, simply assemble a vest configuration that emulates that of operators who carry everything they need for a long mission. Ultimately, the goal is to have a great time and, most importantly, take a lot of pictures for social media!

If it s good enough for John its good enough for us

What? You’ve never heard of John? Captain John Price (aka Bravo 6) is our favourite Call of Duty SAS operative from the original Modern Warfare. And if he wore this model in the game, we might as well do so too. Jokes aside, it is a very comfortable vest, since it combines the lightness of the skeletal cummerbund, with the load-bearing capacity of MOLLE, and the comfort of clip-on panels at the front.


The main purpose of plate carriers, as its name suggests, is to offer ballistic protection (at least to real operators), the rest of the perks such as carrying magazines, and so on, are secondary. And for airsofters, these types of configurations work very well for games in which both being able to move and having something that protects us from a close-range BB is a priority.

A true classic

This plate carrier replicates one of the most used in the special forces community around the world, the LBT 6094. This version with flap pouches allows us to securely carry up to two primary magazines and, we can always resort to the trick of inserting the flap inside to be able to quickly extract them. Other than that, the only thing missing is MOLLE on the shoulder straps to offer more carrying capacity, and it’s still one of the most comfortable we’ve played with so far.

Every manufacturer designs each of its models with a specific set of all operators' needs in mind. However, more often than not, us airsoft players tend to narrow our decision down to one particular factor. Which one is going to suit me better? After all, this is just a game and…. alright, okay! This is not always the case—there are also many factors that are taken into account such as comfort, load capacity, the space left on the shoulder to shoulder the stock... So, what do you value most when choosing a plate carrier?