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Who has not had an APS in their hands at some point? One of their AEGs, one of their pistols or at least a Thunder B Grenade. This Hong Kong manufacturer surprised us with the performance of its e-Silver Edge GearBox, and with the launch of EMG-licensed brands such as Falkor Defense, F-1 Firearms, Noveske Salient Arms International... But it seems they are now taking a step further with their new M4 GBBR.


Calibre: 6 mm
Velocity: 330 FPS
Power source: a 12 g CO2 cylinder
Length: 435 mm
Weight: 2036 g
New ambidextrous skull-shaped shot selector
Includes Speed Draw Buckle for easy carry/quick release of gun.

From the smallest to the largest

This X1 is clearly based on the existing APS AEG models that use the AR 150 platform (yes, the old M4 with its V2 Gearbox), and that may be the key to the fact that the price of this GBBR was not far from that of the AEG of this brand.


From the smallest to the largest

This first GBBR replica model from APS is the X1 Ultimate Pistol, an M4 the same size as the Phantom Extremis PER710: light, short and comfortable. This is APS’s way of demonstrating that there is no model in their catalogue that they cannot manufacture as GBB. It is true that its stock is extremely short but still, the recoil works well. However, if you are a Hardcore GBB enthusiast and need a stronger kick, the stock system can be changed to use a TM-type-tube.

Spirit of GBBR in the body of an AEG

This GBB system, developed by APS, comprises a GBB receiver that can be easily mounted on the body of an AEG. A company in Taiwan tried something similar a few years ago, however, APS has been perfecting this system since 2018 and it finally seems that they are going to release it.

CO2 powers us

Forget about green gas; these APS GBBs work with a 12 g CO2 cylinder that is housed in the magazine and which we can access by removing the base plate to find the usual closing of double concentric valves of this manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, it will allow us to shoot two full magazines () thanks to the double cylinder design that improves gasification, but remember that there are many factors such as the rate of fire, outside temperature... which affect performance.

Durability above all

Part of the improvement of the system that has led to the development of the same, is the fact that APS has manufactured internal parts such as the firing pin, the trigger, the hammer and the disconnector in steel to increase the durability and performance of the model.


From 2021 until its launch, the model has undergone extensive testing by the APS development team. A durability test has been performed in which over 12,000 BBs were fired and the replica still fired fine. Also, after being tested in cold climates, from zero to five degrees Celsius, the development team ensured that the model works perfectly.

GBBR systems

The gas blowback system is similar to others on the market. It features a functional bolt locking system, which means that when the magazine is empty, the bolt locks to the rear. 

The recoil is noticeable when firing and, coupled with the force of the kick, they provide a realistic feel that makes you wish the next model came with a stock. 

Internal Parts

It keeps 90% of the parts of an AEG as we have seen before. Only the GBB case, magazine, hop-up chamber, inner barrel and outer barrel are new. 

And this is why they are able to keep the price close to that of one of their AEGs, making it affordable for most players.

Body: APS/TM AEG compatible
RIS handguard: compatible with APS/TM AEG
Stock: compatible with APS/TM AEG
Pistol grip: compatible with APS/TM AEG
Hop-up rubber: compatible with TM VSR-10
Fire selector: compatible with TM ambidextrous AEG
Magazine release: compatible with TM ambidextrous AEG 
Loading lever: compatible with APS ambidextrous AEG
Muzzle: TM compatible 14 mm sound amplifier 

Inner/outer barrel: APS GBB only
Hop Up: just for APS GBB
Magazines: only 32 BBs APS GBB magazines


This new line of products continues to position APS as one of the leading brands in the market for its continuous development of new systems and products. After the e-Silver gearbox that offers unique performance, in a vast catalogue of replicas, APS once again exponentially broadens its offer for players with a GBBR system that will have everyone talking.