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EV-02 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The ARES EV02 is a replica made in collaboration with EMG Helios, a line of replicas developed by Evike and ARES that seeks to get more players hooked to airsoft by offering them replicas with the same quality internal parts, the same performance, the same level of attention to quality control than the rest of EMG replicas but at a much more affordable price. We have just received this replica from the ARES Striker series, the second model in this series, which is more compact and offers a wide range of additional accessories. 


This model is available in four colours: Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab and Urban Grey. One of the main features that catches our attention in this replica is its size. It measures 860 mm and only weighs 2525 g; that’s one kilo below what we can expect in a normal AEG rifle. 

This is mostly due to the fact that the “chassis” is made of a high-quality polymer that allows for such weightlessness.


The trigger is adjustable from the outside, we will only have to insert a small flat screwdriver through the hole in the lower part of the trigger guard to adjust it. The innovative safety design inside the trigger guard also stands out since, in addition to blocking the trigger, it physically prevents us from inserting our finger to activate the trigger. This makes it much more intuitive to use and reduces the possibility of accidental firing. This, together with the redesign of the magazine release lever, allows us not to have to release our hand from the trigger except to bolt the rifle (unless we are left-handed, in that case, not even that). Both levers have a specific functional design regardless of the hand with which we hold the replica. 

C.P.S.B. System

This bolt-action rifle is spring-loaded, although, as in the case of the Strikers, there is an upgrade to convert them to CO2. Thus we find a CPSB deadbolt made of stainless steel. What does this mean? It is a somewhat shorter bolt than the conventional ones; both the cylinder and the head as well as the spring guide are made of stainless steel, increasing the durability of the internal parts; that it is compatible with AEG springs (something very welcome in terms of upgrades); and that it is compatible with parts of other ARES sniper models and even with those of the Amoeba Striker, as we indicated before. And if you don’t understand anything about mechanics, don’t worry, we encourage you to look at how little effort it takes to cock it and then check the power generated, that's what this whole point means.

"STRIKER" System

This ARES replica shares a common development with the Amoeba Striker series, so the characteristics of the trigger can also be found in the AST-01 model of the sister brand. But not only that, another common feature is the indicator that tells us when the replica is cocked, or the same adjustable hop-up design on the top of the barrel (something that may seem very convenient and accessible until you attach a telescopic sight on the model).


The magazine of the EV02 (MOD PMG-EV-02) is made of polymer and can hold up to 45 BBs, which is 10 less than the EV-01 (MOD PMG-EV-03)—of similar size but with a different finish—. However, the (MOD PMG-EV-01), a shorter version that can still hold 35 BB, will be made available. One of the details of the magazine that we liked are the 4 dotted rectangles to be able to mark our tag to identify our magazines and that nobody takes them “by accident”.


The stock and pistol grip design is different from the previous model, while it maintains some features such as the adjustable cheek rest, the rubber recoil pad, or the pistol grip, with an almost vertical angle that allows for a more natural and rested position for the wrist. Overall, those are the similarities, as this model opts for a more skeletal design that further reduces the volume of the replica and offers a much more disruptive and modern take. To which, we must also add the usability embedded in its philosophy that has inspired this entire series, such as the QD hooks to anchor rings for the strap, or the use of the interior space to house a second magazine that permits faster reloads.

Direct Feed

Unlike the Amoeba Strikers, this ARES model is direct fed. In other words, the magazine is just below the ejection port because the BBs go straight up to the hop chamber and thanks to that we will also be able to see the magazine through the port when cocking the replica. Something that, if you have tried an Amoeba, you know it does not happen in those models (well, okay, in the AST01 it does). This, among other advantages, makes the feeding system easier, which reduces problems and adds a more realistic touch to the operation of the replica.


The times we have played as sniper, which honestly are not enough to call us marksmen specialists, we have appreciated several things: mobility is key, it is not the same to drag yourself along the ground pulling an  8 kg Cheytac than a replica of just 2 kg; and above all, you may just simply like sniper rifles externally, but in the end what is really important is how the ball they fire flies and the truth is that the result that ARES has achieved with this replica right out of the box is as good as many of the models on the market.