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ICS MK.18Daniel Defense

The Mk18 Mod.1 is a rifle developed from the US Navy CQB-R, offering an M4 rifle to special forces operators, but with a much shorter barrel: perfect for carrying in vehicles or fighting inside buildings. This model was widely adopted by special forces operators in the early 2000s, and now, with the help of ICS, it will not take long for it to take over the market; otherwise be on the lookout for them on the playing fields.


-Daniel Defense licensed markings
-Length: 726-821 mm
-Weight: 2877 g
-EMG ZETA stock
-Ambidextrous loading lever
-CFS folding sights 
-Daniel Defense 9.55" Handguard 
-New Mid-Cap metal magazine (120 bbs)

Daniel Defense MK18‭ ‬handguard licensed by EMG

9.55-inch handguard, 100% metal manufactured with precision CNC, reinforced with an anodized finish that strengthens the piece, and also with markings identical to those of the real model.

Daniel Defense MK18‭ ‬body markings licensed by EMG

Metallic upper and lower receivers with markings identical to the original model thanks to the licenses provided by EMG.

EMG ZETA Pistol grip

New "20º-Vertical" pistol grip design that allows a grip in which the wrist is in a much more natural position, achieving greater control and comfort. Enhanced even further thanks to the texture in which you can see the engraved EMG logo. In addition, it includes a QD access of the motor to facilitate its maintenance.

EMG ZETA stock

The stock has been redesigned to expand the traditional space for a three-barrel battery (nunchaku) to a six-barrel battery, without the fuse, cable or mini T-Dean connector getting in the way. It has rubber cheek rests as well as the recoil pad with an interesting access system—we will only have to pull and turn it to access the battery compartment. 

Realistic‭ ‬gas tube

This detail often goes unnoticed, but for that very reason it is so important, as it shows to what extent realism has been taken seriously in this replica.

CFS folding sights

The CFS folding sights are made of reinforced polymer and are therefore lighter in weight while still being very robust. In addition, due to their design, they can still be used when folded thanks to the three-point profile which is similar to that of a pistol.

Silent metal‭ ‬mid-cap magazine

ICS has developed a new “silent” mid-cap magazine, despite it being a metal magazine in which, undeniably, the power supply is impeccable.

Spring‭ ‬release feature‭ ‬

This replica has one of the characteristics that we like the most about ICS and that is, that by moving the pin to “safe”, we will release the preload of the spring, thus reducing the wear and tear of the internal parts.


01. Gearbox 
Modular gearbox version 2 SSS.III.

02.Quick spring change
Quick change functional spring and metal spring guide with bearings.

Master Mods piston made of nylon fibre polymer, with internal grooves to reduce spring friction and with reinforced MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) teeth.

04. Piston head
Master Mods piston head made of 6061 aluminium, flexible NBR-O-ring and bearings for better spring torsion.

05. Cylinder
Master Mods cylinder head made of 6061 aluminium with a special design to fit the piston head, double O-ring and knock protector.

06. Nozzle
Master Mods M4 Metal Cross Air Nozzle (21 mm), CNC made and with O-ring for better sealing.

07. Trigger
Short travel SSS.III electronic trigger, preload mechanism and smart trigger system to differentiate the burst from shot to shot according to the pressure exerted on the trigger.

08. Internal barrel
The barrel 6.04 mm and 279 mm in length.

09. Hop up
Roulette hop-up, with metal hop-up chamber and V shaped Contact Nub by Master Mod made in CNC.

10. Motor
EVO I High Torque motor with Master Mods pinion made with MIM (Metal Injection Moulding), heat-resistant magnets and bearings, to improve consumption and fire rate.

11. Gears
Master Mods gears manufactured with MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) mounted on 8 mm bearings.

12. Electric Blowback
The blowback is electric and is generated by a piston fin that moves a simple spring mechanism at the top.


This model is available in four colours: black, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), grey, and a black with the FDE handguard. Yet that is just about it that makes us doubt this model, because otherwise, ICS presents a replica with so many internal details that it is hard to upgrade without making an overkill, and that externally, thanks to EMG, brings Daniel Defense to airsoft: one of the most prestigious current real weapons brands.