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Innovation Competition Pistol

ICS continues to release products onto the market that bring together the latest technologies being developed and this pistol from its BLE series, which goes by the name of ICP (Innovation Competition Pistol), is no exception.

Designed with the basis of the iconic Glocks, it includes a fixed outer and inner barrel, a TDC hop-up chamber and many other features which make it, according to the Taiwanese manufacturer, the best option for competitive shooters. Is that right? Judge for yourselves.


Lighter, quicker
It is lightweight at the front part, through which we can see the ICP markings on the outer barrel, reducing the weight and the force needed in the recoil, which as well as looking cool helps to improve the gas efficiency of the model.

Two firing modes
There is a part inside the slide which is exposed when mounting the pistol, and we move this to switch the firing mode from semi to auto and vice versa. It’s not as handy as having a selector on the outer part of the slide, but it works really well and we don’t have to detach the slide to activate it.

Aiming System

It has a three-point aiming system (compatible with TM G17/18s), fluorescent sights, which will allow us to easily shoot the target regardless of the light conditions. 

Rmr Ready

On the top of the slide, there are two threaded holes so that we can directly connect a Trijicon-style RMR there without the need for additional mounts. Although with the RMR, the original three-point system will no longer be used. To avoid having to pull the sight when cocking the pistol, the slide has two small stops at the end to provide players with something they can securely grip amidst the stress of the game.


Magazine release
In this model we can detach the magazine release to mount it on the other side of the frame, which will go down well with left-handed players as they’ll be able to use the pistol in a more natural way.

Extended magazine
The magazine has a trim which acts as an extender, but what it really does is hide the added extra BB load (yes, gas too) offered by this design while making us look cooler and meaning it is handier for us to make magazine changes quickly. These magazines have a capacity for 30 BBs and, according to the manufacturer, offer 20% gas efficiency.

Loaded indicator
It has a two-stage trigger, which works as a safety system (the model doesn’t have a manual safety), but there is one feature that makes the replica more interesting: the small red triangle. This is visible when we mount the pistol, indicating that it is ready to be fired.


The frame has an anti-slip finish with a rock-textured pattern which increases stability in the grip, affecting our aim when we shoot. It also has a knob to rest our thumb which is really handy for relaxing, but when it comes to positioning our finger for shooting, it messes up our position because it means our finger is either really high, touching the slide, or really low, and the thumb of our supporting hand is out of place.


The model has a detachable magwell (compatible with TM G17/18/19s) and if we leave it on, thanks to its bevelled design, we can use it to position the magazine more easily inside the pistol and it’s much handier to achieve quick reloads.

Inner Parts

TDS hop-up chamber
The TDC (Top-Dead-Center) mount design improves the vertical pressure of the rubber (it is made with standard rubber, meaning it’s easier to find a spare part or an upgrade), stabilizing the trajectory of the BB and increasing both the accuracy and range of each shot. What’s more, the pressure ring is made with alloy steel, meaning its shape is more precise and this brings about greater stability.

Low resistance design
This ICS model boasts a spring-powered hammer contact design which reduces interference between the cylinder housing and the hammer guide wheel, making the whole system work more smoothly and efficiently.

Efficient Gas Release (EGR)
With its valves, its new O-ring and spring, this system allows us to regulate the amount of gas released with each shot by adjusting the performance of the pistol according to the time of year (it’s not the same playing in summer at 40ºC than in winter at 10ºC).

Quantitative Gas injection Valve (QGV)
It has ICS GVSs which make it possible, according to the manufacturer, to load up to 30% more liquid gas in the magazine, therefore improving the inner pressure of the magazine. Just to be clear, this is an upgrade that allows us to fire more before having to reload the gas.  


The design of the lightweight slide, RMR ready, with fluorescent sights; the design of the frame to provide a better grip from all points; the inner parts with the design of the trigger, the new valves in the magazines; basically everything in this model is intended to provide the best performance that a pistol can offer in the sector. This is something that competition shooters (or any player who cares about having a good pistol) will appreciate. The only thing we don’t know is: what more can ICS surprise us with now?