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KJWorks brings us the Steyr L9A2 with all the licences of the manufacturer of the real model thanks to ASG. This replica is spectacularly true to the real firearm and undoubtedly breathes new life into the models currently on offer.

Polymer pistol,  but with a low axis

They weren’t the first ones to do so, but in 1999, Austrian firearms manufacturer Steyr Arms launched its “M” series of pistols with a polymer frame and metal slide. But unlike Glocks, these models had a very low firing axis. This means that, unlike other models, the position of the barrel is lower, meaning that the imaginary line traced by each shot is closer to the firing hand, making it easier to control recoil and improve aim. This is something that the M series has maintained for four generations up to the most recent model, the Steyr L9A2, without losing its essence.

Configurable grip

The design of this pistol offers optimum grip with details such as the trigger guard which is folded up at the back and is only extended at the front, making access easier for the firing finger, or the slot in the grip which ensures a more comfortable, intuitive and higher position for the first of the gripping fingers. What’s more, the model has panels (3 sizes for the back and 2 different ones for the sides) to increase or reduce the thickness of the pistol, allowing us to better adjust it to the size of our hand. As well as fitting more snugly into the palm of our hand, this will also help us to control the distance between the back part and the trigger, which means that our firing finger will fall more naturally on the trigger.

Aiming System

One of the main differences seen in this model is the built-in aiming system, which is a classic three-point system, but with a triangular front sight which makes the model really stand out. This means that the back sight is also trapezium-shaped. 

Connecting accessories

The L9A2 comes with a Picatinny rail with full teeth instead of the old version with a single slot. This is much more practical when it comes to deciding on different accessories or, even more important, controlling where they should be placed.


The real model used new magazines for the first time in the series imitated by this replica. The main difference is aesthetic and is centred on the baseplate. In this case, KJWorks has decided to make the model with gas and CO2 magazines, both with a capacity of 22 BBs (whereas the real model has a capacity of 17 bullets) and once they are loaded into the pistol, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. 


The fact that it is made of polymer is not the only thing in this series that reminds us of Glocks; the trigger design, with an inner handle to avoid accidental discharges is another interesting similarity. However, unlike Glocks, this model has a safety next to the handle to disassemble the slide. What we didn’t like so much is that we need a tool to press and turn the safety from one position to another, but then again, the real model works in the same way.

If you don’t look, you can’t see it

KJWorks has been so accurate in replicating the real model that it has included a detail which might go unnoticed at first sight, but once we tell you about it, you won’t be able to stop looking. The real Steyr model has a mark that allows us to see the bullet in the chamber when the pistol is cocked. There are no bullets in the Airsoft model and we can’t see BBs either, but if we look at the slide we can see that they have replicated the slot and there is a coppery part that looks like a bullet, but which disappears as soon as we try to access it by cocking the slide.

Care in production

KJWorks has been producing pistol replicas for many years and its place on the market is well-earned. From aesthetic details like making the extractor (the part that removes the bushing from the chamber in the real model) a part which is separate from the slide in order to make the model more realistic, even though this may raise the price of production. To more practical details such as the production of parts like the hammer, safety catch or parts of the MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) valves, a technology that combines the ease of plastic design injected with hard and durable metals.


If you’re looking for a modern model with a polymer frame and metal slide, the Steyr M9 is an alternative to Glocks. What advantages does it offer? The originality of the model of course, as it is quite rare to see on gaming fields, and the impressive similarity with the real model. But what’s more, we can’t forget about the efficiency in play because when it comes to manufacturing of pistol replicas, KJWorks is a safe bet.