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There is only one type of airsoft

My name is Mr. Blind and I play the one and only real airsoft there is: military simulation, although the truth is I've only seen people play airsoft in my town, I only know the players around me, I only read about airsoft in my language and usually only those opinions in line with my own. I'm one of those who know that the earth is flat, and I know it because my predecessors said so and we have continued to believe so. I know everything, that's why I know there is only one type of airsoft.

Mr. Blind, you're right, there's only one type of airsoft; is played in all towns, communities and has been played by all generations of airsofters, even on planets where the earth is flat, it's called: Having fun.

Remember dear readers, airsoft is played in many countries and there are many ways to understand it, but the important thing is to respect each other and have fun, as this is a game.

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