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Barely half a dozen men make their way with a couple of horses across the inhospitable highlands that separate Afghanistan from Pakistan. A beautiful scenery to venture into if it were not for the fact that because every rock, tree or river may be the hiding place of the dangerous native Afghan warrior.

As they approach, something draws our attention, despite the typical Pashtuns garb something is amiss, a modern H&K is hidden under their Afghani patu blankets. It is a KSK ZUG, without a doubt. Well, that changes everything, they are the danger, and the danger then, and the rocks, rivers and trees are camouflaged among the German elite commando.

In a world dominated by the SEALs you chose to recreate KSK, and you are not even German! What went through your mind when you made this decision?

Our team was founded in 2003 when we were all in high school, we created it due to our interest in the military world, history, sports and, later on, in airsoft. We decided to recreate KSK as it was a relatively new unit at the time (bear in mind that it was founded in 1997 as opposed to the SEALs, founded in 1962) and no one else was recreating it at that time in the Czech Republic. The typical BW uniform(Bundeswehr, the German army) was of course easier and cheaper to buy in most military shops. Although later on we found out that KSK does not use a lot of standard infantry equipment and we had to buy gear more expensive and difficult to find gear.

KSK Organisation

KSK has 4 operating companies and 1 support company. Each operating company is divided into 5 ZUGs, the German equivalent of the famed 22nd SAS Rgt. troops. And every ZUG consists of 16 operators. 

The "A ZUG" is specialized in high tactical mobility and uses special vehicles such as the Mercedes G Wolf, 2 Unimog Tm trucks and motorcycles. 

The "B ZUG" brings together manual breach specialists, HALO / HAHO and pointing guides.

The "C ZUG" gathers aquatic environment specialists.

The "D ZUG" is for mountain and extreme landscape specialists (jungle, desert, Arctic war, etc). 

The "E ZUG" is for the specialized sniper and PREs troops.

Forget about Multicam and make room for Flecktarn

Flecktarn is the camouflage pattern of the German armed forces since 1989. In recent years, however, KSK and KS units have been using multicam as unification measure with NATO special units forces. If they have to work in joint teams with SAS, DEVGRU or any other elite unit, they choose a pattern that allows them to go unnoticed within the group.

Okay, now it's time for you to try to convert us. Why should we become new KSK adepts?

We believe that, nowadays, the German army is probably the best or one of the best armies in Europe. And KSK is the most secret and best trained unit in Europe. Our team has been gathering information on KSK for over 13 years. It is more than just airsoft for us; it's part of our lifestyle. We admire their weapons, equipment, skills and fighting style. Are you in yet?

Let me think about it... but it does sound good! However, the complicated questions are not over yet: Flecktarn or Multicam?

After many years of practice we can say that flecktarn (in 5 colours) is the best for central Europe, which means that it is perfect for the Czech Republic. Although it is true that multicam has gained much popularity in recent years, so we also wear it. Although flecktarn is the best for our environment as it is darker, MC is lighter and is better for spring. And for desert missions we use troppentarn or wustentarn, and obviously MC too!

Aha, something in common with the SEALs. And what about the replicas? We assume it would be something by HK, but which model? G36, 416, MP7 ...? 

We prefer G36 models, but many have a silenced MP7 and other HK's, specially SD models. Some members use an HK 416 and an HK USP/P8 gun as secondary weapon. We do not use sniper rifles, although for some missions we use the G36 with telescopic sights and with silencers, and we use Eotech or Z-point as optical gear, or Elcan Spectre sights. All our replicas carry Oerlikon LLM01 lights and are painted.

I can see you really are fully geared-up... this is a true"arsenal"!! 

However, it draws our attention to the amount of teams inspired by German units that we can find in the Czech Republic, why is this?

Probably one of the reasons may be due to the equipment and weapons they use, another reason could be their skills in combat. Many people also admires the German army for its history, and of course, because they are our neighbors!

Animal power

Today's armed conflicts have led special forces operators to venture into the most inhospitable terrain to pursue their objectives. So, for example, to be able to transport the material through the impassable Afghan mountains, the American or German special operation units such as the KSK use pack animals. A measure that may seem old-fashioned and yet has proven very effective due to its low maintenance cost and high mobility capacity.

That's a lot of people for something so specific, although it is also true that the events in the Czech Republic are gaining much international popularity.

Of course! The Czech Republic is the perfect country to play airsoft. We have lots of beautiful forests and many abandoned military areas which belonged to our and the Russian army’s, abandoned after 1989. This translates into big abandoned and unpopulated places where players can play.  But if you want to run a big event like Protector, you need official permits.

And what kind of roles do you like to play in these events, are you very extreme or do you rather have fun? 

We like all kinds of missions, it depends on the situation, but we prefer MilSim roles and raid mode missions. We do not like TDM games with no strategy at all.

Ok, so this covers airsoft at the national level, and we know that you have played abroad. Do they play differently in each country?

Sure, right now we have no problem playing outside our country. And some teams have even played in Poland, Slovakia or even in the legendary Berget, in Sweden. 

We are working with teams from Slovakia and many teams of major events such as Protector, which gives us the opportunity to meet teams from Austria, the UK and of course many teams and players from Germany. Many of them were active members or Bundeswehr instructors and their discipline can be quickly spotted. 

We have heard that airsoft in the Czech Republic is a little different from the rest of the world. We have heard that there are more MilSim players, who play with original equipment. And I think another factor is related to a common attribute of the Czech people: we are very crafty, we like repairing and upgrading our own gear. So players have something we call "The Czech standard" (replicas over 140 FPS).

Have you been offered sponsorship from any brand? Due to your high level...

No, we are not sponsored by any brand. We believe that sponsors are there to promote a playing field rather than a team. But if any KSK manufacturer would like sponsor us, they may surely contact us! 

(Did you hear that Crye Precision and Arc'teryx?)

International recognition

The KSK is one of the few units outside the US awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. And they earned it due to their bravery and effectiveness in the battles of Operation Anaconda, where they worked hand-in-hand with the SEALs in Task Force Ka Bar. 

DEVGRU operators and SEALs teams have pointed out that the KSK has an outstanding fighting ability, great training and excellent means. In the words of a DEVGRU operator from a book about their experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc: 

"The KSK is a formidable unit, very well equipped, very well trained ... but with very weak ROE [Rules Of Engagement] imposed by their policies"

I can see you have good taste.

We also know that you are more than an airsoft team, that you do other things together.

We play airsoft, of course, but we have also been friends for a long time now, and our families spend a lot of time together, not only in action. We like to climb via ferrata in Austria and Italy. Walking through the Alps, sea diving and of course, BBQs at home. Airsoft and collecting is only part of our friendship.

Now that we have reached the end of the interview all I can think about is in filling out an admission form, is there anything you would like to add?

Anything to add? Well, I believe military simulation and recreation is not about your equipment being 100% original and having the most powerful replicas. Is about creating a team of good people around you who are interested in military history and a good physical workout. You will make a fool of yourself if you dress up in military gear and are not able to run for 1 km... And most importantly, do not take it too seriously, it should always be fun!