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Rossi is a firearms manufacturer with a great deal of history behind it, which has landed at Airsoft to write one of its most recent chapters. After the success achieved with its version of the 1911 which it named Redwings, then came the Open Class in a bid to keep emotions running high, this time more focused on the AIPSC (sports shooting with Airsoft replicas) with a large number of improvements. What doesn’t change is that the series is made up of a grey, black and black and gold model. Although improvements have even been made to the paint. And they’re not the only ones, look!


One of the parts that most stands out in these models is the compensators with openings on the top to help manage the elevation of the pistol more easily in each shot (at least in the real model). In this replica it is used as a merely aesthetic component, except for the detail that makes the model have a fixed barrel, therefore making the chamber more stable and, as a result, increasing accuracy.

Ready for RMR

In keeping with their AIPSC vibe, these models include a platform where the RMR can be connected, built into the slide. This makes the slide a few millimetres shorter, therefore reducing its height and leaving the RMR almost level, like in real pistols. Although if we prefer, instead of this we can also assemble a cover that will take the place of the platform, following the more classic lines of the Redwings slides, and using optical fibre sights as an aiming system.

Grips with stippling

The grips of these pistols are made using a stippling technique, which is a microabrasion process that some operators originally used in their pistols and which many brands such as Rossi now incorporate into their models. In these models in particular, the texture is achieved using a laser process and this makes the grip of the replica non-slip. 

The origin of the name

Operation Red Wings, which is the main focus of the film Lone Survivor, and which unfortunately made Marcus Luttrell famous as he was the only survivor of the SEAL team sent to identify a Taliban leader, is one of the most epic stories that will ever be told about the war in Afghanistan due to the sacrifice and courage of those who died in it.

This series of replicas honours these heroes, who fought up to their last breath. Something which in the world of Airsoft can be understood as fighting until the last BB of the last pistol magazine. Defending everything that they believed in at all costs, making them a true example, and Rossi has therefore paid a special tribute to them.

Within this series of pistols, Rossi has named these models “Open Class” with clear reference to the “Open” category of the IPSC in which it is the norm to use large compensators, long magazines, etc.

The absolute dedication of heroes is therefore combined with the level of self-commitment and complete accuracy of the shooting discipline. An iconic definition of the entire philosophy behind these new models.


These models have a newly developed 70 rubber fitted and an extra I-Key nub in the box to better lift heavy BBs. This is another one of the features that marks the AIPSC nature of the model and yet they will still be a delight for many standard Airsofters, as the distances that we shoot from with the side arm are very short and accuracy, even in instinctive shooting, is very much appreciated.

WATCH OUT! In order to raise the flight of heavy BBs, you will need to install the I-Key nub included in the box yourself.

Spring guide

The spring guide has been changed in order to achieve quicker recovery of the slide. It now has a recoil buffer installed to improve the firing cycle, making it possible to increase the response speed of the slide between shots. 

This part is designed to be used with gas magazines, however its use with gas magazines like the one that comes as standard is appreciated in the AIPSC as it prevents the slide from getting blocked with the last BB. However, we will also be able to assemble the specific spring for gas magazines, included as standard in the box, for more regular use.

WATCH OUT! To disassemble the inside unit of the slide, the two parts that make up the spring guide must be unscrewed. You can use two small Allen keys, inserting them into the holes on the side of the guide and turning them in opposite directions.


The model comes as standard with an extended gas magazine, as we can see in the AIPSC, with a capacity of 34 BBs. Although we will also have standard capacity magazines (24 BBs) available which do not stick out underneath, in both gas and CO2.

WATCH OUT! When we take it out of the box, the configuration of the pistol is designed for CO2 (although it includes a gas magazine as standard). If we use it with a gas magazine, it’s possible that it will not hold the slide back in the last BBs fired (this configuration is designed for the AIPSC). So if you want the slide to be held back with the last BBs, you will have to swap the recoil buffer that comes installed with the spring for gas configuration, which is included in the box.


It’s clear that this is not just another 1911, but with Rossi we couldn’t have expected anything less. Details like the magwell for quicker reloading, the compensator with a fixed barrel for more stability, the frame rail which is longer than normal in order to better hold the slide… There are many features which make it obvious that, when developing this model, the fixation about performance demanded by AIPSC shooters has really been considered. Having said this, any Airsoft player can benefit from these improvements no matter which type of game we’re going to play.