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Viper Tactical brings us players the VX Multi Weapon System Set, a set of equipment carriers with one of the most versatile loadout configurations. With this one, the brand replaces the previous DMR/Rifle and SMG sets. Thanks to the wide variety of inserts, we won’t need to buy anything else to configure the equipment regardless of which replica we’re using. What’s more, it offers us the chance to wear a lighter or fuller equipment carrier, according to the needs of the mission, ranging from a chest rig to a plate carrier with pack, including all the options in the middle. And if that weren’t enough, it’s 20% cheaper for players to get the pack rather than buy all the parts separately. 

The set includes:

VX Buckle up Carrier GEN2
VX Buckle up Ready Rig
VX Buckle up Charger Pack
VX Scrote Pouch
VX Triple Rifle Mag Sleeve
VX Quad SMG Mag Sleeve
VX Double Pistol Mag Sleeve
VX Double Rifle Mag Sleeve XL

VX Buckle Up Carrier GEN2

-Weight: 1000 g
-Material: Polytech 700D
-Padded strap cover
-Strap cover with loops for cables or hydration tubes
-Oversized zip fastener puller
-Administrative pouch on chest
-Outer velcro for patches
-Laser cut molle on plate carriers
-EVA rubber plates included
-Padded inside of the plate carriers
-Quick release cummerbunds
-Available in black, coyote brown, green, Titanium, Vcam and Vcam black

A plate carrier with plates included, with laser cut to be able to connect the pouch configuration that we need to it, and with clips on the front part to be able to choose panels that have already been configured or chest rigs. We can use this PC as a base to be able to connect the other parts of the set, and the padded parts in the areas where there is more rubbing and ventilation in the cummerbunds therefore come in useful, because the temptation to load the vest with all accessories will be tremendous.

VX Buckle Up Ready Rig

Size: 33x17x7 cm (excluding straps)
Weight: 410 g
Material: Polytech 700D
x5 equipment carrier pouches
Main space configurable with inserts
Inner elastic loops for organising equipment
Mini map navigation space 
Drainage grommets in the main pouches
Oversized zip fastener puller
x2 Outer velcro for patches
Velcro with cover for connecting to the plate carrier
Available in black, coyote brown, green, Titanium, Vcam and Vcam black

Its lines remind us of the D3CR Heavy by Haley Strategic, combining fixed pouches: two charging pouches (one of them with space for a mini map) and two pistol magazine or tool pouches, with space for us to use the inserts we need on each occasion. And that’s not the only customization that it offers, as we can carry it by itself, attach it to our pack or take the straps off and clip it to the plate carrier.

VX Buckle Up Charger Pack

-Size: 35x6x22 cm (folded up) / 35x24x22 cm (expanded)
-Weight: 540 g
-Capacity: 4 L (folded up) / 14 L (expanded)
-Material: Polytech 700D
-Three pouches (two of them expandable)
-Outlet for hydration tube
-Elastic loops on the straps for cables or tubes
-Oversized zip fastener puller
-Outer velcro for patches
-Available in black, coyote brown, green, Titanium, Vcam and Vcam black

Along similar lines to the Flatpack by Haley Strategic, we will be able to use this pack by itself, clipped to our chest rig or sewed to our plate carrier via the molle. The fact it is expandable means it is really practical when playing. This means it doesn’t take up any more than a Camelback when empty and it provides us with a high carry capacity whenever we need to use it. What’s more, due to its multiple configurations it works with all kinds of equipment, and can even be used in our day-to-day lives.

VX Scrote Pouch

-Size: 24x16x4 cm
-Weight: 100 g
-One pouch
-Oversized zip fastener puller
-Outer velcro for patches
-Available in black, coyote brown, green, Titanium, Vcam and Vcam black

This pouch has velcro-fastening under the front plate of the plate carrier or the chest rig, and has earned the nickname “girth” because it helps us to hide it. We can use it as a personal IFAK since it’s easy to separate it from the equipment carrier, or to keep anything thanks to its three rubber loops and the velcro surface for other inserts. What many people don’t know is that if we fold the velcro flap inwards, we will be able to use it as a bumbag and we can wear it on our belt.

VX Triple Rifle Mag Sleeve

-Size: 24x10x1 cm
-Weight: 60 g
-Material: Elastic and velcro
-Passive retention due to elastic material
-Compatible with most rifle magazines
-Available in black or coyote brown

It doesn’t matter how you configure your equipment; you can’t do without magazines. And it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying an AK or an M4; as it’s elastic, this insert can be used for the main types of rifle magazine. We recommend that you fasten the velcro to the top part of the pouch where you’re going to insert it so that it’s handier for you when putting the magazines back in. Apart from that, it works in the same way.

VX Double Rifle Mag Sleeve XL

-Size: 22x10x1 cm
-Weight: 90 g
-Material: Elastic and velcro
-Passive retention due to elastic material
-Compatible with most large magazines
-Available in black or coyote brown

We can use this double magazine carrier for large calibre magazines such as that of the SR25 or for calibre magazines that are smaller, but just as spectacular, like those of the G36. The only thing is that because they are open underneath, we might find that short magazines slip inside.

VX Quad SMG Mag Sleeve

Size: 21x10x1 cm
Weight: 60 g
Material: Elastic and velcro
Passive retention due to elastic material
Compatible with most SMG magazines
Available in black or coyote brown

One secret you must know is that even though the brand says this insert is for automatic rifle magazines, you can also use it to carry pistol magazines, 40 mm grenades, small detonator grenades and tourniquets...or even better, a customized combination of all of these depending on what you need on each occasion.

VX Double Pistol Mag Sleeve

-Size: 11x10x1 cm
-Weight: 40 g
-Material: Elastic and velcro
-Passive retention due to elastic material
-Compatible with most pistol magazines
-Available in black or coyote brown

It doesn’t matter if the magazine is 9 mm or .45, if it’s single-stack or double-stack; they all fit (or at least most do, we don’t want to get ourselves in trouble). It’s interesting that they’ve decided to close this insert underneath. This is not necessary but it doesn’t bother us either when we use it.

You have a pack, a chest rig, a chest rig with a pack, a plate carrier, a plate carrier with a pack and you can clip the chest rig on top and leave the “girth” hanging. Or not. The set of Viper products is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. 

It’s hard to think of a kind of game for which you wouldn’t be able to assemble a suitable configuration with this pack. And if on top of that, they even help you to save money, it’s a really interesting option to keep in mind.