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Battle Anecdotes

I can almost feel the damp ground, the smell of wet grass... my body is aching, exhausted after a 20-hour long event where I used all my senses, trying to inspect the dark horizon, being alert to any sound and covering the sector that my colleagues entrusted me to defend. And on top of this, fighting not to fall asleep as I struggle to keep my eyelids open, for which no amount of Red Bull is good enough.

That moment, with your team, your friends, exhausted and waiting for the slightest movement to unleash the greatest of battles, that exact moment, that feeling of calm before the storm, are the memories that remain indelible.

This is just another battle anecdote, you have many already and you will have heard many others. This is airsoft and the really nice thing is to accumulate experiences that last in your memory.

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