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BO Manufacture again brings us an M4 AEG with a very different and interesting project. This time it launches a replica with licences of North American firearms manufacturer Diamondback. This model not only adopts a very aggressive style oozing out of the North American firearms market, but the performance of its inner parts is of such a high quality as we are used to seeing from the French brand.


We can see the Diamondback logo or name across the whole replica. On practically all visible parts: handguard, upper, receiver, ejection port plate, magazine, stock, etc. To make it very clear that this isn’t just another M4; it’s a Diamondback.


Both parts of the body as well as the handguard are made of polymer, which means the model doesn’t weight much more than two kilos despite measuring 610-710 mm. However, the quality of the polymer is so great that it makes us doubt whether it’s actually metal.


The 7” Mlok is chosen for the handguard, except for the top part which continues with the picatinny rail from the body. We will be able to assemble the short angled grip on it that we have seen in many operator configurations. The metal outer barrel doesn’t stay floating, which means it doesn’t change position, and it is finished in a Helios flash hider assembled on the standard 14 mm CCW thread.


Not only do we like the design, which is curiously recognisable, with its anti-slip lines, its slightly oversized base, the drawing of the drop on the top part indicating the direction in which it must be charged, and a port where we can see the false bullets “that we have left”; but also the magazine’s 120 bb capacity. Whenever a brand does without hi-caps, an Airsoft veteran somewhere in the world smiles.


Another feature of this replica that takes us by surprise is its ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit). This will allow us to set up the fire selector from the following options: safety, auto, semi, burst (in 2, 3, 4 or 5-round bursts) or double tap or binary fire. 

Inner Parts

01. Gearbox 
Gearbox versión 2.

02. Quick change spring
M90 type spring and metal spring guide with bearings to make it easier for the spring to twist.

03. Piston
Polycarbonate piston with three steel teeth.

04. Piston head
Polymer piston head with bearings. 

05. Cylinder
Steel body with opening.

06. Cylinder head
Polymer cylinder head.

07. Nozzle
Polymer nozzle.

08. Inner barrel
Precision barrel of 6.03 and 215 mm in length.

09. Hop up
Transverse rotary hop-up unit chamber, made of polymer. And 60º Macaron Maple Leaf rubber.

10. Gears
Steel gears, without markings, over 8mm bearings.  

11. Tappet plate
Tappet plate made of polymer.

12. Electronic system
Programmable ETU (electronic trigger).   


Cheap and cheerful. Is that the key to happiness? Because that’s certainly the impression we get from this new BO model. This is a great option for many players looking for a replica which is attractive on the outside, whose performance allows us to play without complaints. There’s always room for upgrade, but with an electronic trigger, precision barrel and 8mm bearings, it’s not a bad starting point at all.