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Hand guns in airsoft are meant to save our asses. Either because we play in a field with such short distances that it is played only by hand gun, because it is our last resort when someone appears too close to us and we cannot use our sniper rifle, or simply because our main replica has been damaged or has ran out of ammo. In those situations, the hand gun saves the day like a superhero, and believe us, you want it to be the best it can. That is why KJWorks continues to work on its more than proven KP-13C, and offers a gun that will make you drool like Pavlov's dog.

Balance in Weight

Since the body is made of polymer it lightens the total weight of the gun, while the slide, being metallic, makes that extra weight become mass that moves in each shot, increasing the feeling of blowback even more (unlike very popular Japanese brands that manufacture in plastic). A very interesting combination in which the only “but” we found would be that the finish of the frame that imitates a non-slip texture is merely aesthetic, and we will achieve a better result if we also add a bit of “sniper tape”.

Hold me tight

This design includes areas marked to help place your hands. There are many theories and practices when it comes to holding the gun, but you can find marks for the most common ones:

-Area to rest your trigger finger off the trigger.

-Area to rest the thumb of the support hand.

-Area to rest the thumb of the firing hand.

-Non-slip area to rest the fingers of the firing hand.

-Non-slip area to rest the palm of the support hand.

-Lowered area for better placement of the middle finger of the firing hand.

-Non-slip area for the index finger of the support hand (this is not very common but it does exist)

And as the design of the body is symmetrical you can find the same marks whether you are left or right handed.

Optical Fibre

This model has a front optical-fibre sight which helps us to capture more light to highlight the line of fire and lets us aim more easily without having to focus the eyes on the sights. Something really useful since, when shooting with a gun many times, we do it intuitively and traditional models require more time to align the aiming systems. 

Compatible with Optics

By disassembling the rear sight of the replica, we can assemble a platform to connect a red dot and therefore improve the aiming system. This is something that we have already tried in other KJWorks models and which offered great results.

Picatinny for accesories

At the bottom it has a Picatinny rail with a single slot to connect a laser or a torch, making the model more versatile for players as this means it can be configured for any type of game and it can be used to compete in IAPSC.



For these pistols, KJWorks has launched a tactical Magwell (magazine well extension) to reload more quickly (which is sold separately). Thanks to the funnel effect, inserting the new magazine into the pistol frame is a lot more intuitive. Also acts as a hand stopper for a more instinctive grip.


These models have a compensator (also sold separately) which can be attached to the outer barrel using a thread, although it is also secured in other ways to block rotation. Gases are able to escape through grooves in the firearm rather than through the end of the gun, offsetting recoil and vibrations. This is obviously an aesthetic accessory in these replicas which, together with Magwell, helps to give the models a more modern feel. 


This system inside the trigger is a kind of small trigger that functions as trigger safety. Unless you pull this second lever the main one cannot be fired, something you should not worry about because both will be pulled consecutively in the same movement with a firm grip. But it works well to prevent accidents.


It has a roulette hop-up, which can be adjusted very comfortably since no tools are required, with the exception that you will have to disassemble the slide to do it. The recoil spring guide is made of plastic and has only one spring but achieves a strong blowback sensation, and although it is not hooked to the external barrel it does not come out of its place, thanks in part to the centering piece that remains inside the slide and the little o-ring in the guide.

KJWorks is committed to continuing to work on its own design model, incorporating functional and performance improvements that make the gun get closer and closer to "perfection", you don’t believe us? Try it and tell us what you think.