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The time has come, you prepare, relax the neck, the arms, and your fingers move slightly  ... your hand drops to the waist, you pull out the gun and, as if it was part of a dance, you have already shot all targets before the music stops.

Link: http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=675

Whether you are in the middle of a MilSim event, an IPSC tournament or a 3 gun match, it makes no difference. It is essentially the same; only accuracy matters, and for these occasions the guys at APS have spent 9 hard months of research and development. To make sure you do not miss.

Stay away from the 3 dots

The sights are made of optic fibre in different colors to quickly align the red dot between the green ones. Furthermore, since they are made of optical fibre, they are highly visible under any light, thus making aiming easier. Otherwise we can always replace the rear sight with an APS slide (not included) on which to assemble a mini red dots (RMR).

A slide with a personality of its own

The lightweight design of the slide has openings in the front showing the inner barrel in the style of Salient Arms models. It has a slide cover with the logo of the model that can be changed for other APS' models.

Stippling special forces' style

Stippling is an abrasion process made by some operators on their guns, it can be seen throughout the whole gun, and makes the replica slip-resistant. It is found not only on the grip panels, but also on several areas around the trigger so that we can comfortably and safely rest our finger, reducing any risk of slipping.

Close, but not quite a Glock

The replica is designed as a Glock but its trigger is entirely different. It does not have the "Safe Action" trigger safety system with the distinctive toggle lever in the middle. However, it has a safety pin that can only be used if the replica is cocked.

Gas or CO2?

The model is compatible with gas and CO2, which in both cases holds a 23 BBs magazine. With a single CO2 tank we can fire an average of 68 balls at 345 FPS, while a gas load offers an average of 57 balls at 258 FPS, always with 0.20 g BBs in a room at 19 °C.

Turning CO2 around

It has a patented design that enhances gasification. Most notably, the tank is inserted upside down. But, even more interesting, is its dual closure system in which the tank is not punctured until the space is fully sealed and no gas is leaked. It also has a locking system that prevents it from opening until the CO2 tank is empty.