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ARES launches on the market one of the most anticipated replica guns by the followers of the British armed forces. Already bored by the replicas available for the assault role, we discovered this new model. The L85A3 is the result of the improvements of the previous L85A2 and the real model is by H&K. 

How come you didn’t know that H&K was behind the L85? Yes, in 2000 it was subcontracted to improve the L85A1 resulting in the next version, the L85A2. Now you will also understand that characteristic colour that we have been able to see in models such as the H&K 416 or the G28.


Let's start at the beginning, what on earth is a bullpup? Don't try to use Google Translator to find out because its literal meaning is "steer" and we are not talking about bull replicas. In this case the term refers to a weapons system in which, in short, the magazine is behind the trigger. 


This feature which seems strange at first has several advantages for airsofters:

It allows you to reduce the size of the replica without having to give up the length of the barrel since it reaches further back.

Being able to make shorter replicas these are also lighter and more manoeuvrable (most of them).

Having the magazine and trigger mechanism on the back makes the weight load shift back as well and it gains quite a lot of stability when firing.

Keymod handguard

The Keymod offers an advantage over the classic RIS, and is that we can attach the same number of accessories without the need to carry a heavy handguard as it doesn’t need the RIS and is made up of a number of holes. It is lighter and more ergonomic than any other rail system so far. Another of the main features of this handguard is the RAL 8000 colour (a colour reference for metals) and matches the rest of the model's browns (for once the fact that they don't match is a good thing) which makes it absolutely beautiful.

Unlike previous versions of the model, in this case we will have an upper RIS that will cover the entire upper part of the body from the height of the pistol and the entire upper part of the handguard. Which makes it much more feasible to attach both sights and AN/PEQs.

EFCS Gearbox

This gearbox could just be a good example of a reinforced V7 but includes the special EFCS trigger control system that makes it even more interesting.

-Pneumatic system: The pneumatic system includes a sealed cylinder with plastic head to reduce shock stress. Both the piston and the piston head are made of fibre, and have full metal teeth which increases its useful life. The gears, in turn, turn on two metal bearings and four 8mm bushings, a configuration that is becoming increasingly popular among many manufacturers.

-Quick spring change: This gearbox comes with a quick spring change system. So that, by turning the spring rail, we can extract both the rail and the spring without having to open the gearbox. Although the spring guide that comes standard is made of steel and has an M100 type spring with which we can play without problems.

Barrel and Hop-Up

It has a hop-up chamber a bit out of the ordinary and different from what we expected to find before opening the replica. The hop-up chamber has a roulette design (like that of the G36), which will be more comfortable when regulating it, but it also has its drawbacks. Being integrated into the gearbox it will be much more difficult for us to find a replacement if it breaks. The barrel in this model is made of brass, has a diameter of 6.03mm and a total length of 450mm.

EFCS systems

The electronic trigger system has a sensor that detects when the gear concludes the cycle and stops it in the best position, it also includes the option of setting the trigger travel and allows us to cut off the current when the gearbox gets stuck or when the Li-Po goes below of certain tension level.

-Gearbox protection: One of the main causes of gearbox malfunction is when it is locked. So, when this happens, the user can cut the power with the EFCS just by pulling the trigger 5 times.

-Gear detector: The system includes a sensor that detects when the gear ends the cycle and stops it in the best possible position. This helps the piston to always remains in the correct position, reducing the stress on the spring, increasing the life of the pneumatic system and saves battery.

-Electronic trigger:The electronic trigger system by Ares manages to extend the service life of the trigger. We can also configure the trigger travel (approximately 2 mm) to obtain a faster response when firing.