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Element Airsoft EX442 SF M322 Scout Light & ADM Weapon Mount

Flashlights can make a big difference during a game. Not only they can be used to illuminate a low visibility scenario, they will also help us see the path of the BBs fired or to blind an opponent during an assault. Element Airsoft knows it and that is why it offers a wide range based on models of real operators and that provide a great service to airsofters. These are some of the latests releases to the market.

EX442 SF M322 Scout Light & ADM Weapon Mount

-250 lumens of white light
-ADM Mount
-Remote push button DS07 included
-Powered by a CR123A battery (3.0 V)
-Available in black or dark earth

This flashlight bears certain resemblance to the M322 model by SureFire. It is a compact model, ideal for short handguards models where longer flashlights may be uncomfortable, and that nevertheless works equally well in longer models.

It can quickly and safely be mounted on any MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail thanks to its ADM hook, with which you just have to press the button to open the lever and then close it again to block the opening of the hitch. All this in a matter of seconds, without tools and without even taking off the gloves.

Its LED CREE XPG-R5 provides 250 lumens (according to the manufacturer) of white light that concentrates in an intense halo in short distances and which disperses in longer ranges offering greater peripheral illumination. To activate it, you can use the back button (to obtain a continuous light) or the DS07 button (for momentary light).

The remote button is included and consists two pieces of Velcro to hold it to the replica although, while we actually prefer methods like rubber bands or insulating tape (yes, like real operators) if we do not have clips like the LaRue’s to help us hold it.