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Amoeba AS03, a sniper rifle for CQB?

After the launch and success of the Airsoft Striker 01 (AS01), Amoeba launched a collection of parts to customise it. Then they released the AS02, a shorter version that was the equivalent of what the M14 SOCOM is to the normal M14; it kept all good things from the previous one and had greater manoeuvrability. After this they launched many more accessories and parts which allowed us to customize this rifle so much that there was no other like it.

And now, with the launch of Amoeba AS03 they leave the market again with its mouth open. What is this? Is it a CQB sniper rifle? Is it a bolt gun like the Remington XP-100 from which a Japanese brand (Sun Project) made an airsoft replica back in '96? Is it...? That is why we had to try it, to be able to tell you first hand everything a player can do with this model.


It comes with an M-Lok nylon fibre handguard as standard, with two spaces to place rails or accessories on each side and at the bottom, and a QD coupler with a ring on the front. If we want to carry it with a strap, we do not recommend wearing it tied only from there since it moves a lot, in the pistol grip we find a hole to be able to hook a strap as in some gun models.

Although Amoeba gives the option to change it for the Striker S3, a handguard specially designed for this model, which includes a flashlight just like an MP5. It has two buttons on the side to be turned on and off, which makes it very comfortable for CQB, although the minimum distance rules in some fields make it not entirely useful for short distances. That is, of course, if you use it with the power of a sniper, since you can use the AS03 as a gun at that power level!


The AS03 has replaced the lever safely lock at the top such as AS01 and AS02 (although it maintains the marking on the body) with a trigger lock. Which is, in fact, an articulated trigger, in which the first part moves without firing the model, preventing accidental firing. It does include a marker that tells us when the rifle is cocked and ready to fire, something quite useful in play.

From the pistol grip to the hop chamber

The design of the pistol grip is different from that of AS01 and AS02, it is made in one piece and if you open the cover of the lower part you will find the two Allen keys you need to adjust the hop (from one of the slits of the upper RIS) and/or disassemble the replica. Speaking of the hop, we really like the design of the Airsoft Striker, that the BBS of the magazine go up directly to the hop chamber, and so avoiding feeding problems.

Testing card

Each of the models has been checked at the factory and so it is collected in the small data sheet that each one carries, indicating the model, the speed in m/s and the power in joules, the temperature at which the test is performed, the date, and the name of the inspector. And Amoeba takes the quality controls of its products very seriously.

Compact and lightweight

Made of nylon fibre and metal, it is extremely lightweight, just 1500g, half of what a normal sniper rifle weighs, such as an M24, for example. It measures only 465 mm (not having a barrel or stock), which enables the airsofter to carry a secondary such as an MP7 or an MP5K. Although playing with a sniper as secondary is unusual and at first, during the game, it is difficult to find the right time to use it.


The Airsoft Striker series has a feature that makes it stand out among sniper rifles;  it has AEG springs on its bolt, which makes them more easily upgradable. In addition, these springs are 30% shorter than the traditional ones, reducing the travel of the bolt and offering a greater cadence shooting.


One of the highlights of this model is that Amoeba is launching it together with a wide range of accessories to customise the rifle without worrying about compatibility. 


The bodies of the AS01, AS02 and AS03 models are interchangeable, offering a wide range of configuration possibilities, but we can also find them in black, grey, tan and OD, exponentially increasing our possibilities.


As standard, the AS03 comes with an MLOK handguard, while we can mount the alternative one with a flashlight. Or if we want the MLOK of AS02, or the classic of AS01. It may be that making such a long handguard on a model without a stock does not make much sense, but in Amoeba they leave the door open to unleash our imagination.


In addition to the standard lock, we can mount any of the CPSB Upgraded Bolt springs or even the CO2 one. Although if we prefer, we can configure it internally by choosing between the different cylinders, pistons, piston heads... 

Cocking Handle

A merely aesthetic or functional detail? It is difficult to measure the relevance of one cocking handle or another. In any case, Amoeba overflows us again with a range of 17 different cocking handles with which to cock the rifle.


We can choose between the standard magazine of 38 BBs, the short of 45 (AS-MAG-002) or the standard of also 45 BBs (AS-MAG-001), in any case we are talking about almost double of that of an M24 (25 BBs) or triple in the case of M40 (14 BBs). And to set up the rifle externally, Amoeba offers four different silencers in its catalogue, a telescopic sight in tan or black (although this model may not be necessary), or RIS rails in three different lengths to finish attaching the accessories that we desire.


In such a short model, which also needs to be reload without stock, foregrips are welcome (we can choose between four different ones in its catalogue) to improve the grip of the handguard.


The muzzles are an element that Amoeba has worked a great deal on, and here we can find nine designs that, while they do not impact performance, they provide a lot of character to the replica and help the configuration of our rifle to be unique.


A sniper rifle with a 150mm barrel and no stock is something that may seem shocking when you first see it, but if you look at it as a precision gun, it all makes sense. And when you see the endless versions that you can build by configuring both its external and its internal parts, all changes.

Besides, we must bear in mind that there are many ways to understand airsoft, and that there is not only military recreation, so this model opens many doors to the imagination of the players being able to set up the most original equipment.