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Snow Wolf Airsoft at Taiwangun.com - another brand in their offer!

A new manufacturer in the Taiwangun.com offer. A well-known retailer and wholesaler asg shop has partnered with the Snow Wolf brand. The result of this cooperation is the appearance of the first six models in the Taiwangun.com offer. 

Taiwangun.com have made sure that those products will be available for individual customers and wholesalers as you can now get the Taiwangun.biz wholesale prices when ordering even one replica.

In the following months, as we were assured, the brand's assortment is to be systematically expanded. There will also be completely new models in the offer - created in cooperation between Snow Wolf and Taiwangun.com. 

At the moment, the latest additions by Snow Wolf are:

6mm Proshop Barret Airsoft Rifle M82A1 Full Metal AEG  

6mm Proshop Barret M82A1 Full Metal Airsoft Spring Rifle  

Historical replicas from Snow Wolf:

Snow Wolf SW-06 M3A1 Grease Gun Rifle Full Metal  

Snow Wolf SW-09 PPsH-41 Airsoft Submachine Gun  

Snow Wolf SW-021 MP18 Airsoft Replica - Real Wood  

Snow Wolf SW-022 Kar98k Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle

All of the above airsoft SMG guns look great and seem to be priced appropriately. And their performance is as good as reasonable as their pricing - that could be another game changer for the airsoft market in Europe and in the U.S. We strongly recommend Snow Wolf SW-06 M3A1 Grease Airsoft Gun as this is one of the best grease guns for airsoft. And right now you can stock it up as a company starting from 1 piece at wholesale prices at Taiwangun.biz.