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Inside the Silverbox gearbox

You're fucked! You heard damn right. That's the first thing you see when you pull the load lever of this APS. That's if you're not blinded by the gold finish of the blowback in classic Silent Arms International style; or if you're not going crazy over the hand-guard with KeyMod ending in "C" like a nod to WarSport.

In any case, be ready to shake with fear if this replica gets pointed in your direction with its new Silver Edge Gearbox. The whole high quality mechanism works together to shoot the balls through the precision barrel and get to you. Oh! And yes, you've totally had it, unless you're the one who's doing the shooting...

The inner barrel is made of stainless steel which, with its polished surface, looks just as good as the bronze. It's 320 mm long with an inner diameter of 6.04 mm. The hopup is the conventional three spinners Tokyo Marui style.

The silver wiring has greater resistance to heat and generally doesn't get very hot. It also has a fuse to avoid overloading the battery. Together these extend the useful life of this replica's electrical system.

The new models of APS comes with a Silver Edge Gearbox, which is polished and finished to reduce gear friction. Along with German-made 8 mm bearings, this means lower resistance to movement in the inner assembly.

Another feature of Silver Edge is that both the metal spring guide and the piston head also have bearings. This enhances overall efficiency.

The blowback plate's golden color makes it easy to find where it covers the gearbox with two tabs. It drives the piston which creates the blowback effect. The system ensures this component against possible ruptures.

The gearbox has a quick spring release system and with an Allen key you can change the spring without opening the gearbox or touching any internal parts except the spring guide and the spring itself.