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Studies for tactical beards

A Pentagon study related beards directly with the effectiveness of soldiers in combat. It seems bullshit, a joke… but no or at least serious real information.

And it is that nothing has to do the efectiviad with new uniforms, camouflage, weapons or technological systems. We are in the era of 'low-cost', now they have been kept beards.

This has been demonstrated a 'think-tank' called Xegis Solutions with a study in which they caught 100 soldiers, 25 experienced special forces soldiers bearded 25 other beardless, 25 regular soldiers of the Army with a beard and other 25 those without it. All of them were followed up during their stay in Afganistan.

The results were overwhelming none of the soldiers was injured or killed beard and had a significantly higher rate of marksmanship beardless soldiers who also suffered many more malfunctions in their weapons among other misfortunes.

And so this lobby, study group or people who do not know what to do with their time soon propose a rule to require all soldiers to grow beards.

What do you think? Are best players of airsoft bearded?