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Do you want a K9?


These dogs are used by police and military forces for different tasks. We can classify the use of these animals into four groups which in turn are divided into different specialties:

Detecting dogs (explosives, mines, narcotics, snuff, exotic animals).

Intervention dogs (protection, riot, criminal search, hostage rescue, combat population).

Rescue dogs (landslides, building collapses, avalanches, lifeguards, tracking, vent).

Forensics dogs (wheels recognition of suspects, search for clues, search for corpses).

Would you take with style your dog pet?

And of course, this effort is also transferred to stores like VS Gun who put every effort to provide everything the reenacters may need. So the latest addition to puedremos find in your shop are tactical vests for dogs.

As technical specifications note that this dog vest is designed to resist tearing and is made of nylon 1.000D cord.

K9 + U.S Marines