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EmersonGear is serious about gearing us up for events with the most modern material in its Blue Label and Classic lines. A wide array of possibilities in which the hardest thing will be to be able to decide what not to keep. Were you looking to treat yourself? Well, maybe it is time to go shopping. The choice is wide and, in fact, you can not go wrong as they offer top of the range quality and a modern design The hard part will be to buy just one...


It’s not about recreating a unit, but about seeing equipment in ranger green and thinking of the FBI’s HRT, the Hostage Rescue Team. The advantage of carrying most equipment on the vest is that we will have more free space on our waist and it will be more comfortable for us to run, bend down, jump, or do anything else that the game asks of us. We must also not forget that the uniform has enough pockets for us to be able to always carry anything we need.

Emersongear Blue Label    
G3 Tactical T-Shirt /RG  

EmersongearS Blue Label
Mix Color  Ventilation Cap  

Quick Release  094K style  Plate Carrier

Emersongear Blue Label  
G3 Training  Trousers/RG

Tactical Gen2 Combat Suit

L4G24 NVG Mount

EXF BUMP Helmet/Protective

FCS Style VEST W/MK Chest Rig SET

Padded Molle Waist Battle Belt

G-code Style5.56mm Tactical MAGPouch


Since we saw the SEAL Team with it (and this goes for both the Emerson and the Multicam Black uniform, you choose), it has caught our eye. Perfect for moving around at night or between the shadows, versatile so you can change what you carry in each game because no two are the same, but we must always be comfortable and ready.


Worrying about how you are going to play is a mixture of many factors: comfort, in the end you are doing a physical activity and your performance depends largely on how prepared you are; effectiveness, in order to achieve the objectives you have to have a team that allows you to make a difference; And without forgetting aesthetics either, “role play” is very important in the games and being characterized according to the demands of the script helps the immersion in the game to be total.