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РУЧНОЙ ПУЛЕМЁТ ДЕГТЁРЁВА, PПД (did you miss the Cyrillic class at school too?)

At the end of World War II the RPD light machine gun, also called РУЧНОЙ ПУЛЕМЁТ ДЕГТЁРЁВА, PПД (did you miss the Cyrillic class at school too?), designed by Vasily Degtyaryov was already set to replace the DPM (that seemed to hold a pan on top instead of a magazine).

However, after the appearance of the RPK designed by Kalashnikov in the 60s, the RPD took a back seat. Although still used in several Asian and African nations. And now also in the airsoft field. Because it is only a matter of time for airsoft manufacturers like LCT to cast their eyes upon models from any era, not yet available in our hobby. An elegantly simple blend of forged steel and plywood of 7 kg in weight that LCT brings to airsoft to make us experience new sensations.

A wood and metal classic

Like many of the rifles manufactured at the time, it is made in wood and stamped steel, with a length of 1043mm it is a heavy machine gun at 7 kg!! Which matches the weight of the actual model.


Playing with measurements

The outer barrel is 480 mm with a 345 mm metal bipod attached to it This bipod may be a nuisance to deploy and pick up at first. A little trick is to carry it attached to the barrel by a rubber band to prevent it from moving and prevent its metallic clinking from giving up our position.

2,800 invitations to respawn

You can load up to 2,800 BBs into the drum magazine specific to the model. It is an electric magazine that works with three AA batteries (not included). The good news about this system is that it will not make more noise than desired, the bad news is that you must keep the external button pressed to keep the magazine primed.