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Trying to choose what is the best: Plate Carrier or Chest Rig?

It does not matter what series you choose: SEAL Team, SIX, Strike Back... The movies you see: Zero DarkThirty, Actof Valor, Lone Survivor ... The units of Special Forces you follow... the debate has begun. Plate Carrier or Chest Rig?

That's why today we have taken from Viper Tactical's catalog one of their last plate carriers and the chest rig that they presented at IWA 2019 and we are going to use them.

More information : http://www.viperkit.co.uk/

The main characteristic that differentiates a Plate Carrier from a Chest Rig is that the first, as its name indicates, allows us to carry ballistic plates.

It is true that, in airsoft, players will not impact us with a ball, but in a CQB, we will appreciate having the body protected against a bbs shot at a short distance.

In this case, Viper uses an EVA rubber reproduction of 27x33 cm that is much lighter than the real ones, just as strong as plastic ones, but those are more comfortable because they adapt better to the body.

In addition, the internal part of the plate carrier is padded with grid which improves air circulation and will prevent us from sweating so much and the external one is 700d Polytech which ensures its resistance.

Unlike the Plate Carrier, a chest rig is characterized by its minimalism, it is a gear carrier in which it is intended to do without everything unnecessary.

And for the airsofters that we are not accomplished athletes like the real operators, it is perfect when we have to play a long gameplay or when we are going to play an important physical activity. If there is no danger of continuous balls, go lighter is something that is appreciated.

It is manufactured in 700d Polytech which gives strength and lightness (only 350 g) in equal parts and follows a design that reminds us of the Spiritus System. It has a central space in the chest for the equipment and let the rest of the body is free.

It is very interesting the "H" design of the back instead of the classic "X" that although it fits better to the shoulders gives us more trouble when it comes to combining it with other accessories.