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APS ASK211 Assault Rifle

This tactic version of an AKMSU (like the AKS74U but with 7.62 magazines) from APS covers that gap between the compactness of a submachine gun and the firepower of an assault rifle. A rifle that was originally intended for paratroopers and special forces, and is now in the hands of airsofters, is a versatile solution to play in both CQB and open field games.


  • Folding Skeleton Stock
  • Sound amplifier serrated muzzle
  • Fully made of metal
  • Ghost Series logos
  • Quick release lever
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Modified fire selector
  • Tactical magwell
  • AK47 type magazine 300 BBS
  • Size: 74cm (L) x 25cm (H) x 5cm (W)
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • M-Lok aluminium handguard


The best of this model is how compact it is, which helps its folding skeletal stock (very useful in CQB and when transporting it) and the reduced barrel. But, at the same time, we do not give up anything since APS has aesthetically opted for a sound-amplifying type muzzle in the style of Noveske's but with a different design and crowned by aggressive teeth.


The AKMSU is a variant that came out in the eighties. However, this replica renews the image of the AK with features such as the muzzle or the aluminium made handguard, instead of wood, with M-Lok, much modern than a RIS, which allows you to attach the accessories you need and enjoy a handguard of much lower profile.


Sometimes it is not enough to look modern, it is necessary to take advantage of technology to make its use more comfortable for the operator. This replica has a fire selector with an edge to be able to operate it with the trigger finger without having to release the grip, a handicap inherited from AKs. It also has a magazine release that extends below the handguard to be used, again, without releasing the grip.

Internal parts

  • Internal precision barrel: 6.04 mm
  • Inner barrel length: 240 mm
  • Version 3 Gear Box
  • Mechanical blow back
  • 8 mm bearings
  • Fire selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
  • Velocity: 385 FPS
  • Rate of Fire: 1000 RPM (Rounds Per minute)
  • Magazine capacity: 500 Rounds (hi-cap)

Internally it has a version 3 gearbox (typical in AK replicas) with two specifications that stand out: the blowback1 (which you can easily disassemble if you don't like it) and the quick spring change that has become essential in our replicas.

Taking out the metal head spring guide2 with bearings and polymer guide we can access the type M120 spring3 type. The piston4 is made of polymer and has half metallic teeth (seven specifically). The piston head5 is made of aluminium and comes with bearings to finish helping in the torsion of the spring, something that we will especially appreciate when shooting in auto.

The cylinder6 is chromed, has an opening to regulate the amount of air that pushes each ball and comes with a polymer cylinder head7 to soften the piston pounding. The nozzle8 is metallic just like the hop-up chamber9 which, interestingly, is attached with a pair of fins to the gearbox. The precision barrel10 measures 6.04 mm x 240 mm long, a good option for precision in such a compact model.

Finally, we have found that it comes with a mini T-DEAN11 hitch connected to a mini Tamiya12, so if you don’t have batteries with a T-DEAN connector you can use them without problems, but if you love these connectors you just need to leave the replica as it is.