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Rambo would be proud of you

In iWholesales we can find everything including the machine gun quintessential Vietnam.

This replica is made of metal and high quality polymer and is provided with a finish. The barrel, bipod assembly and body are aluminum. The carrying handle, adjustable bipod, the rear sight and shoulders rests the butt hinge are made of steel. The stock handguard and front grip are of high quality polymer.

You can quickly remove the barrel as in the real gun. To adjust the hop up just open the top cover, although you can also take advantage and when you change the barrel adjust.

All internal mechanisms have been modified and designed specifically starting with a gearbox of MINIMI with 8mm bearings MOSFET and hidden in the gas tube which regulates the rate of fire potentiometer.


- M120 Spring

- Chrome-plated cylinder bore-up

- Reinforced cylinder head

- Silent Piston reinforced bearings

- High Torque Motor (High Torque)

- Ball 8mm

- Reinforced metal spring guide with bearings

- Wiring gearbox low resistance

The carrying handle is decorative and shouldn't be used as it may cause damage to yield and fall in the reply.