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Shotgun of the week: APS CAM870 Tactical

The M870 was developed as a successor to the M31 being widely used in police and military environments, this shortened version incorporates a custom pistol.

By VIPAirsoft

This CAM870P standard comes with 14" barrel with 7" KeyMod Forend,  capacity is 5 +1 equipped with M4 Style Retractable Butt Stock.

You can mount accessories like flash light on the KeyMod. The 3 Inch Breaching Flash Hider is an epic.

This shotgun has keymods. What's next, pistols? Don't forget that this gun doesn't come with Keymod segments, a Magpul CTR stock, a grenade launcher, an AFG, nor a flashlight/laser of any kind. But realistically, you can put any of that on there easily.