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The UKSR Precision Adjustable Stock (MA-364) is a fixed stock whose design will make you want to put it on a DMR replica. But we will be able to assemble it on every ICS replica (and some of other fabricants) with a M4 stock tube.

This is a stock design that follows the same lines of the Magpul’s PRS (Precision Rifle/Sniper), but with ICS touches in order to improve its functionality for the airsofters. Among these touches, we can notice the easy installation: you just need to quit the screwed strap with an Allen key, collocate it in the tube and screw it again.

This fixed stock is very ergonomic: it affects the mobile parts permitting to adjust precisely some elements thanks to rotary selectors (that make “click” when we turn them). As everybody knows it, each sniper has his own universe.

One of these elements is the cheek rest. Thanks to the horizontal rotary selector, we can raise the platform until two centimeters and align our eyes to the sight, in order to target more easily and shoot much more intuitively.

You have to be careful with this handling: if you don’t screw it correctly, the piece may go out. This would not generate a big problem because you can replace it every time, but it is always better to do it at home than during a game play. It is highly recommended to adjust the stock at home than during the game.

Another element that you can adjust is the distance of the grip panel on the stock. Even if the stock is fixed, you can adjust its length of some centimeters in relation with your arm length. Like the cheek rest, the adjustment has to be very accurate and it is recommended to do it calmly before playing. Correctly realized, you won’t need to repeat this handling.

On the external parts, besides the rotary selectors to adjust the grip panel and the cheek rest, a flat-headed screw secures the internal space of the stock. This space is considerably larger than a traditional stock of tube: we can allocate larger batteries.

Moreover, we have two systems to set up a strap: across a loop on the inferior part or across the ambidextrous attaches for tether strap QD. One more example about the possibilities given by this ICS stock.