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EMERSON TACTICAL CUPS are available now!!

The early morning is akin to the dawn. As the sun bleeds over the horizon, legions of foes thunder toward you. Laptop under one arm, Combat mug under the other, you're ready for whatever the day is going to throw at you, be it Excel reports or worse.

Ordinary people have their ordinary mugs. The ones that say "World's Greatest Dad" or "GEICO." The ones that hold a measly 8 oz. of fuel. The ones that shatter when your frustration brings them crashing down upon your desk. The Combat Mug is no ordinary ceramic mug, because you're no ordinary warrior. When the Combat Mug and you are both filled with coffee, it's forward to inevitable victory.

All aluminum anodized products, including cookware and eating utensils should be cleaned using a mild detergent and warm water. The use of automatic dishwashers should be avoided because the dishwasher detergents are very high in alkalinity. Strong alkaline solutions are used to strip anodic coatings and in time will permanently damage the anodized finish.  Plus, we're pretty sure that the pure badassery of Battle Mug will absolutely destroy your dishwasher!!!