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Ares’ 308 series comprises three models, the AR-308S, AR-308M and AR-308L, and today we will focus on the last one. The name of the replica already reveals a lot about what we are going to find, AR as in ArmaLite, the company that created the AR-15 (and later sold it to Colt) creating the legend of the M4 and the .308 cartridge, which is the name of the commercial version of the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge. So when you bring both parts together, we have an M4 model in DMR calibre that ARES offers in three different lengths. And today we bring you the one that we liked the most, the longest one and, on top of that, in the Deluxe version.


ARES and Amoeba are two different brands that collaborate to create this series of replicas in which we can see the joint markings and the parts in which each one leaves the print of their brand, to show this collaboration. Furthermore, these replicas are launched in addition to the standard version, something that in the case of these brands is really remarkable. They come in a deluxe package that includes the accessories, so that you look cool with it just out of the box.



- 130 BB magazine
- Rigid Tactical Carrying Case 
- Cleaning rod


- 2X 130 BB magazine
- Rigid Tactical Carrying Case 
- Cleaning rod
- 1-6 x 24 backlit scope
- Sight mount [SC-019]
- AR-308 silencer [SIL-011]

External Parts

Amoeba Pro Stock with Adjustable Cheek Rest

Amoeba HG-009 pistol grip

Ambidextrous fire selector

 M-LOK CNC Handguard

Metallic removable folding sights

Unique bronze colour

7.62 mm type design

Ambidextrous safety release

Ambidextrous magazine release

Length: 940-960 mm
Weight: 3356 g

Internal Parts

Reinforced version 2 gearbox.

02.Quick spring change
M120 type spring and metal spring guide without bearings.

Polymer piston body and head, with full metal teeth. 

Sealed, non-opening, stainless steel body and cylinder head.

Polymer nozzle.

Programmable electronic straight trigger EFCS (Electronic Firing Control System).

07.Internal barrel
6.04 mm precision barrel, 430 mm long and made of aluminium.

08.Hop up
Polymer type G36 cross roulette hop-up chamber.

ARES High Torque Motor.

Steel gears without markings.

11.Tappet plate
Tappet plate made of polymer.


The details, when put together, make you fall in love with this ARES series. The first thing that you notice is the RAL8000-style bronze colour of the G28, a different design from the classic black. What is more, the magazines are not only 7.62, which also makes the model different, but its style design is similar to the PMAG 20 LR/SR GEN M3 which makes it even more attractive. 

The Case

Not to mention the accessories that come in the deluxe package. Let's start with the rigid case with four metal closures to protect the replica from the elements. While, inside, the replica will fit perfectly into the plastic mould made expressly for it, which is caressed by the foam in which the lid is covered. 


The case is prepared to carry, in addition to the replica, the silencer with USMC markings that is attached above the muzzle. The backlit telescopic sight with 11 intensity levels, 1-6x magnification and 24mm, ½ MOA adjustments and anti-flare grille on the front lens. Not forgetting the Giselle style scope mount itself which includes a level to make sure we hold the replica straight and the hop can create the right effect.


In short, a replica with which to hit the target. It’s just a matter of choosing between the standard version and the Deluxe version with all the accessories for a little more money.