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Waltzing Matilda is an unofficial anthem of Australia. It is not about dancing a girlfriend, though – the Matilda in question is a heavy backpack, and waltzing is not about spinning around the ballroom, but about heaving the damned thing all across the outback.

Link: https://www.helikon-tex.com/en_eur/pl-mta-nl-matilda-backpack-nylon.html

Bushcraft is about wandering in the outback and having a kick from outdoorsmanship. To enjoy the outback fully, you need to get back far from civilization. To get there – and hopefully back – you need a lot of stuff. So, you need a Matilda to pack it all up. ALICE is one of the time-established backpack lines, that enjoys popularity all over the world. And so, we went that way as well, retaining as much functionality while getting rid of features proved redundant.

Each pocket has a drawstring sleeve to protect contents from spillage. The pockets are sewn on the corners, leaving a center channel capable of carrying e.g. a small axe through. The main flap has got two flat internal pockets for small items carry. Underneath the flap is a flat, zippered mesh pocket. The flap is secured with two buckles.

Additional MOLLE/PALS pouches can be added at various points – at the sides, at the front, and inside, using a special panel. Two compression ribbons are fitted at the sides that can also be used for foam camping mat carry – with another two at the bottom. To save weight we combined the Cordura® 500D with Nylon 210D. It guarantees the durability in key points, while allowing a lighter weight. The backpack is closed by a two-buckled flap. The carry system is based on plastic-stiffened back fitted with breathable mesh pads and anatomically shaped straps. Wide detachable hip belt is also included, with PALS attachment points.