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Who Are The Call of Duty Operators Based On?

A lot of Call of Duty: Warzone's Operators are based on actual people. So who are the real-life equivalents of our favorite CoD characters? In this article, we'll be revealing all.

Helen Park / Lilly Cowles

Lily Cowles is a successful actress known for True Story and Antebellum. You can see her on the right when she actually dressed up as Helen Park for the CoD fans.


Lerch / Tony Sentmanat

Tony Sentmanat is a former SWAT Operator, and before that, a Marine Corps vet. The perfect basis for Lerch

Kitsune / Akemi Look

Akemi Look is an actor, writer, and producer... and she's also Kitsune (the most badass Operator from BOCW). 

Otter / Christian Craighead

This is a funny one. This Otter skin is a nod to Christian Craighead, the SAS operator who was photographed during an active firefight in Kenya. He grabbed his weapon and assisted local Kenyan authorities when there was a terrorist attack on a hotel and he was off-duty nearby.

D-Day / Emil Daubon

This next one is another actual soldier, Emil Daubon, who was a US Army Green Beret before going into film as a writer and actor. The likeness to D-Day is obvious with this one.

Roze / Jamie Gray Hyder

Any Law and Order fans? They will have recognized Jamie Gray Hyder instantly. Unlike Roze, she seems like a far nicer person, and does a lot of work with veterans and charities, besides acting. 


Talon / Andy Arrabito

Andy Arrabito, the inspiration for Talon, is a retired Navy SEAL who's taken up acting since leaving the Navy. He's also an ambassador for the custom knife company Half Face Blades. 


Mara / Alex Zedra

Probably the most famous of new-generation Warzone operators, Mara is based on the model Alex Zedra. And Alex Zedra actually plays Warzone on Twitch sometimes. 

Captain Price / John McAleese

How could we not end on the classic. Captain Price is based on John McAleese, a decorated British soldier, who fought in the Falklands, and in Ireland during The Troubles, and on countless undisclosed missions. He's been the bodyguard of three Prime Ministers, and he led the famous SAS raid on the Iranian Embassy during the hostage crisis of 1980. Yep, a real-life Captain Price.


CALL OF DUTY Cast re-enact lines from their Games

0:00 - Captain Price (Barry Sloane) MW 2019
0:12 - Frank Woods (Damon Victor Allen) BOPS COLD WAR
0:24 - Gaz (Craig Fairbrass) COD4
0:45 - Samantha Maxis (Julie Nathanson) BOPS COLD WAR
0:54 - Farah Karim (Claudia Doumit) MW 2019
1:10 - Alex Echo 3-1 (Chad Michael Collins) MW 2019
1:17 - Russell Adler (Bruce Thomas) BOPS COLD WAR
1:23 - Helen Park (Lily Cowles) BOPS COLD WAR
1:50 - General Barkov (Konstantin Lavysh) MW 2019
2:20 - Lawrence Sims (Reggie Watkins) BOPS COLD WAR
2:35 - Nora Salter (Jamie Gray Hyder) INFINITE WARFARE
3:00 - Eleazar "Lazar" Azoulay (Damon Dayoub) BOPS COLD WAR
3:35 - Ghost (Jeff Leach) WARZONE
4:04 - OG Frank Woods (James C Burns) BOPS